Friday, May 15, 2009


Today was HG2MPS exam ~!!!
which means~ Probability and Statistical Techniques for EnGineers~!!
early in the morninG~
when GreG was still half awake half sleepinG~
GreG recieved a MMS from WeeSheinLoonG~ wew~!
it's a MMS~!! ^.^

and Guess what ~!!
We actually discussinG mathematics problems throuGh MMS~!!!
who say MMS function is useless ???!!!!
who say Camera phone is useless ???!!!!
wtf~ =.="
Mummy~! you see ~!
trust GreG ~!! GreG not only usinG his phone to "cook porridge" and sms with "4 zai" one lah~!!
GreG also use it to call you and STUDY one ar ~!!!!!
now it's proven ~!!!! ^.^ ~! yeah ~!
GreG is such a hardworkinG and Good boy ~!!
proud to have such son riGht ??? mummy ^.^


it was my 3rd paper today ~!
and this one only have a Gap of 1 day to prepare ~! T.T
it was a paper that i prepared kinda less but when doinG it...
i felt like so ok~!!
so ~! i'm damn happy now ~!
and so ~!
i BLOG ~! :P wew ~! :P
wish me lucks ~! and let me have a Good results yea ~!


♥ Sнӧρӑђӧƪɨс Ῥὲὶρϧʏ ♥ said...

so maolit de..use mms @_@ no webcam mer? so rich de woh kep mms thr! wahhaa xD

~G~ said...

because not at home mar ~! :P