Monday, May 4, 2009


this is my 101 post~!
HuiXin~ you "see" i so Good ~!
i scarified my 100th and 101 post for you ~ T.T
so here it goes~! :P
i LOVE doinG this to my friend~!
Miss. Fishing ~! :P
i saw this picture just now ~!!!
from this album (click here)
and suddenly it popped out~!
"i may not have a brain Gentleman, but i an idea~!",BOB
so i chanGed it become
.denG denG denG denG~!!
*drum rolling*
*trumpet tremblinG*
Get ready and be prepared ~!!
and don't Get friGhtened~!!!


feierh said...

Hahaha omg!
you took so many *lousy* pics during the gathering! :p
anyway it's really bad to miss out such nice gathering moments

~G~ said...

hahaha ~!!!
faster come back lar ~! :P
haha ~!
lousy ler my pic ~! hahaha ~!
yeah yeah ~!
i love to take people uGly reactions ~! :P hahahaha ~! :P
and post it in facebook ~!! hahaha ~!
so fun wei `! :P

janetgan said...

hahhaa..count me getting fattier and fattier nowadays..
he used to take my ugly photo skype wei!!not even take it face to face.shit

feierh said...

hahaha! me either
yes..i'm going back..real soon!
greg,when are you going back twu??

~G~ said...

hahahaha ~!! JANET ~!! you bengkak already ~!!! hohoho ~!!
see the video laught die me ~! :phahaha ~ :P
hehehe ~! i'm going back on 30th may ~!!
yeah yeah ~! that's someone birthday ~:P
wow wow ~ :P

janetgan said...

*bengkak* LOL..
i will lose weight after my exam ok..
who's bday on 30 may?

Anonymous said...

Patricia LIM GAIK KENG~!! yeah ~
haha ~! you dunno who de lar ~! :P hwa hwa hwa ` :P


hui xin said...

cb greg..................
but funny la...ok la..forgive u....