Saturday, September 5, 2009


missinG for 5 days ~!!!
GoinG for 3 days 2 niGht at Mabul and 2 days 1 niGht at Sandakan ~!! ^.^
and that was awesome fun ~!!!!
here's what we did ~!!! :P
i Guess pictures talks better so...
here's the trips Goes ~! yahhooooo!!!!
TakinG an hour of bus and 1 hour of boat !
we finally reached Spheredivers' homestay ~!!!
and the 1st thinGs we do as we reached there after loadinG our stuffs ~!!!
SnorkelinG ~!!
On the way.. met with some local kids and joined them in their Games ~!!!
it's sort of like GamblinG ~!
you win you can take all the money ~!!
Good ~! Malaysia future Gamblers ~!!
ah ~! walkinG for a while we finally reached the beach ~!!!
Sandy beach and clear seawater ~! :P
havinG sunbathinG ~!
and playinG with sand~!!
ah ~! and most important !!!!
Alcohol and cigarettes makes my days ~!!!
Later, had our tea time fried banana ~! :P
and "shashimi" for dinner ~! yummy ~!
but too bad our HonG konG friends doesn't Get used to it and ended up GoinG to toilets for uncountable time ~! hahaha ~! kinda pity !

The next days ~!
enjoyinG the sunshine and the winds ~!
playinG around on the platform ~!
Ken's is enjoyinG his nap~!
too tired !!!
ah ~! and all of us was exhausted ~!! and went dozed off there ~!
Sleeping ~!
LOVE the life there ~!!
then...walkinG arounf to take picture ~!!
....PlayinG with beach cat~!
and ~! WOW ~!!!
the best thinGs i like ~!!
wow ~!!!!
this is the 1st time i Go for divinG ~!!! ^.^ awesome ~!!!
so HAPPY!!!!
Ken prepared to dive ~!!!!
wow ! this was my 1st dive and i am so nervous ~!
but after a while...i found out that it was comfortable in 12meters deeps in the seawater ~!
We do pay a visit to other resorts ~!!!!
wow ~! so freakinG nice ~! and the price is also scray too ~!!
i rather choose to stay at the homestay area~! :P
wow ~! and this is one of the thinGs i like at KAPALAI ~!!!
the desiGn are so nice and special ~!!! :P

We totally addicted with divinG now~!
In the eveninG ~!
another dive !!!!
and we saw 5 turtles this time ~!!!
and one is as huGe as 3/4 of my size ~!!!
wow ~!!! ^.^
ah ~! bye bye Mabul ~!!!
all the staff and the boss sayinG Good bye to us ~!
and we now headinG to Sandakan ~!!!
SEPILOK~!!! for oranG utan ~!!!
and what we saw there is alots of "oranG putih"~!!!
ah ~! met up with some monkeys ~!!!
then...Crocodile farm ~!!!
saw crocodile ~!
buy food to feed the Koi~!
and this dunno what kinda fish ~! ????
ah ~! the best part ~!!!at Labuk Bay ~!!!
Proboscis Monkey~!!!!
wth ~!!!
the matinG infront of us ~!!
and what ????
the whole process finished in not more than 1 minutes i Guess ~!!! omG ~!
after we done with everythinG ~!
bouGht durian for them to try ~!!!
wow ~! Durian ~!! KinG of all fruits ~!!!
Alex have a try on it ~!!
yih ~!!! the testure is so wierd ~!! T.T
wahhahaha ~!!!
dude ~! learn to eat durian ~! it was so nice ~!!!
that's my 5 days trips with them ~!!!!
and the whole trips ~!!
we have been eatinG so much ~!
i think i Gained another 5kGs ~!!!
They left to Kota Kinabalu and i HeadinG back to Tawau ~!!
i wish i could join them ~!!!
but ~~~~
too bad i can't ~!
because ~!!
i'm GoinG to MABUL aGain ~!!!

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