Sunday, November 22, 2009




Shin said...

eh? Baptist got holy spirit 1 meh? >.< glad you are happier ;) get serious on your studies although i m not really doing it myself LOL.. If she's yours, she's yours.. If she's not.. No point pressuring it..

thats what i believe in la.. :)

勉強沒有幸福的.. 不一定要得到他才是對他最好的..


well tht applies to me la nt u =P

pig said...

hope u'r hapi hapi.. not hapi pretending..
^^ life is all bout moving on..
if this is not ur port then move on.. go 2 search d moz suitable 1 n rest there.. ^^

馨 said...

may God bless you too! don't worry we still love you.

♣ peiчi ♣ said...

We're all in P.. lol.. anyway, yea, agree with ur fren.. hope u're really happy, not pretending to be happy.. cuz that's tiring..

~G~ said...

yoyoyoy ~!
PIG!!!! people aGree with you ah !!!
haha ~!
i am not pretendinG to be happy !
i am happy !
but yea lar ! cannot be all the time mah ! still will be sorrow one ~!
but now is like happy more than sorrow bah ~! wahahha ~! :P
you aGree with P sure he happy until fly one lor ~! wahhahha !
thx thx thx !!! :P

pig said...

i dun get it.. am i lost??
anyway.. u hapi jiu ok la..

~G~ said...

hahaha..u piG

pig said...

yes.. i'm pig.. anything??