Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Leonid Meteor Shower

i texted you sayinG that there will be METEOR that niGht!
you say you wanna watch but cannot.
i went off to sleep.
i was waken up by my messaGe tone.
you texted me,
"did you see the meteor or not ? i didn't see any."
i just realized that i ! the PIG! can sleep in 1 minutes.
checking at the time.
i found just found out you texted me like 1 minutes later,
"seriously?i wanna see ! lol."
WTF! i'm so STUPID! why i can doze off like so soon!
i HATE myself! PIG!!!!! you fat PIG!!! how could you !!!
i called you.
you told me that you are at the futsal court at UNIM.
and you this sick people didn't sleep at all!!!!
aiyo! i felt so Guilty !
i shouldn't have told you about this !
at the same time.
i climb up to the roof !!!
sittinG down and continue chattinG with you.
enouGh talkinG.
you tell me that you wanna Go back your room to sleep already.
but now....
i'm so awake.
i started to stare at the SKY!
i Guess i saw METEOR!
i saw like??? 6 ???
somethinG like this.

but smaller....and shorter...
i not pretty sure that if what i saw is meteor or not.
at that moment....
i think i'm still blur and what i see is "khayalan" only... T.T
but after lookinG at the video !
i quite sure that they are what i saw ! ^.^
yeah ! i finally Get to see METEOR!!!
before you Gone sleepinG.
i texted you,
"next time! watch with me ok!"
you replied'
"lol.K (:"
the reply is short !
but it meant a lots to ME!
i didn't Get to sleep then...
i stay awake until NOW~!!!

i messaGed you.
next time we must WATCH METEOR that as BIG as CLEAR as PRETTY like the video above!


i'm so sorry that i didn't have a 100% clear mind when i was on the phone with you.
i missed out an IMPORTNAT info.
you have EXAM today !
5.15pm till 6.30pm.
and i didn't wish you GOOD LUCK!
i am a failure T.T
so sorry, Z!


- Alfred - said...

btw, i saw 26!!! hahah.. so damn pretty!!!

~G~ said...

you asshole !
but at least i saw some !
i only go out lift up my head then can see already ! wow ~!
AWESOME! 1st time watchinG meteor !
and ALONE T.T all by myself!

- Alfred - said...

hahaha.. i watched wif 4 frens =) hahaha!!