Friday, November 27, 2009

My PaPer Heart

to treasure 的意思...
spotliGht ?我们学校的小型音乐表演会?


~G~ said...

you said you wanted to Go met you s0-calles "ex" at timesquare at 25th..thursday.
the whole day i worried about you ..i texted you you didn't reply... T.T
what lar!! my caring is nothinG.
as i Get the car..i wanna directly drive to Times square dy !
luckily i "beG" to you and you finally "willinG" to tell me where r u !
thanks to you !really thanks a lots!-.-

♣ peiчi ♣ said...

哭泣后要坚强啊!你的车还拿去modify哦!蛮不错的 =)

~G~ said...

hahaha ~! 改天载你去兜风吧!!!哈哈哈!!!


Anonymous said...

look man, when u like a girl doesnt mean you can go and stalk her. what you're doin is totally too much. there's no way love = stalk. you might say, "NONONONONO I DINT STALK HER" or what so ever. so what if she goes out with other guys? so what if she do stuff without telling you? so what if she dont reply all your smses? just, get a grip kay? she's not yours! she's not your gf, wife or whatever you want her to be. if you're so lucky (which i think you're not), she really likes you then make sure you stop your "think too much" habit! on the bright side for her, you leaving her must be the greatest thing she ever get! so stop disturbing her and let her live life peacefully without being stalk every day and night!

~G~ said...

thx anonymous....
thx for leavinG comments as an ANONYMOUS...
one thinG to be clear....
i didn't stalk day and niGht!
did i ?comfirm ! NO!
i didn't deny i stalk ..if not ? how would you see this post ?riGht?
i do stalk...and just that niGht !
i know she's not mine...k...
she doesn't belonGs to anyone....
just that me myself beinG stupid ! what you "thinkinG too much habits"...
i do tell her before..i didn't expected her to reply all my smses too...nvm...ok..if you know her..just ask ...did i sid so ?
just that my EGO makes me do that !
alos..can't blame the EGO ! i should blame myself...
i know that she is not mine..! yea ..and just that me myself beinG stupid! a MORON!
i know...
ya...if i'm so lucky..ya...i won't post this...
and...she already Get what you have said.....THE GREATEST thinG ever !
if you want to..ya...i won't disturb her anymore..
and she will never see me aGAin???
may be ???i try my best.
thx for your comments...
really thx a lots.whether you read this or not . TQ!
i really appreciate this kinda comments....
YOU! anonymous! YOU makes me see myself clearer!
so i Do really have to thank you !
i meant it when i say it !

Anonymous said...

you're most welcome. :)

first of, "cannot control your "egoism"" is such a lie. pls, have u taken moral classes? did you fail? well yes you so did. egoism can so BE CONTROLLED. tsk.

secondly, i read some of your post, and you said you were "PISSED OFF" that she did not reply you smses. you're such a contradiction!

thirdly, i hate to tell you this but, are you out of points? these sentences, "i know that she is not mine..!" and "just that me myself beinG stupid!" has been repeated twice, fyi. :)

fourth, pls keep your promises, dont disturb her and stick your nose into your own business. and stop being a moron.

your attention is most appreciated.

~G~ said...

hrmmm....repeatinG doesn't means i am out of point..just that wanna like repeatinG repeatinG so can keep it in mind mah..
just like won't read only once riGht???
doinG maths also won't practise once riGht???
but some how..yea..
i think i am out of poinT too! :)
i taken moral classes lar...aiyo ! it's compulsory !
and i cheated in my moral studies...
if not i sure fail....have you did SPM ???
they ask the quwestion like ....
if you found a Great sum of money on the one saw it...what would you do ???
A.pick it up and put into your pocket.
B.make sure nobody around and pick it up and put in your pocket.
C.just walk away.
D.pick it up and hand it to the police station!
if i am not cheatinG.i will choose A! but i know the riGht i choose D.
who wanna fail moral and can't Get into UNI??? i don't want to!!!
. that lor....
can't control my eGoism because it is stronGer than me ma! so it's not a lie...
can you control what you are thinkinG ??? cannot riGht ???some thouGht just pop up ! is somethinG like this lor ^.^.
. want me to repeat how many times ???
i say i won't disturb her means i won't do it!!!:) k ...promise is promise.
thx for readinG my post too...
but that time i tell her i din expect her to reply all my sms already or not ler??
hrmm..i forGet already lar...
so just assume that i still pissed of after i tell her dy lar :)
but..even not her..sometimes sms friends askinG somethinG they didn't reply also will pissed off mar...
won't you ???
haha ~! thx for your attention too!!

liching said...


very educational. haha. yes yes every girl shud know this. :P

anyways, hope u're doing okay la. now u might feel ur heart got stabbed a million times but as time passes by and u look back, u will prolly smile at ur own silliness frm last time. good luck fren! :)

~G~ said...

TQ LiChinG~!!
wahahhaah ~!!!
LOVE to see you dancinG~! ^.^
hehe ~!practisinG ar ?

liching said...

u're welcome! hehe. give urself some time la k? dont think so much. :)

dancing?? hahahha did i even look like i was dancing?? lol. thx la. next time my turn to see u dance! hehe

~G~ said...

hahaha~! :P
sure bah ~! latin was fun ! y u didn't take latin T.T
hehehe ~! :P