Monday, November 30, 2009

Another DAy at PenanG!

it was 9am.
After Breakfast Hokkien Mee with Cindy and Irene...
We went to HIM HEANG to buy some "hand letter" for friends !
and it was OUT OF STOCK!!!! OMG!!! GIMME MY HIM HEANG!!!
so i Guess i have to Come back at 3 later T.T

Since they are havinG ACCA exam soon !
GOOD LUCK!!! they study ! ^.^
so i have to explore PENANG by myself!!!
parked my wife at LOVE front of LOVE LANE INN...
i start walkinG! and enjoy my VACATION under the freakinG hot sun !
and i Get SUNBURN after that ! aihhhh!!!! terlupa apply sunblock T.T sakit !
first place i Go in is here ! aih ! what is this buildinG ? can see from the pic ! no need to say dy! ^.^
then...St. GeorGe Church ! the oldest AnGilican Church!!! :)
i should buy a tripod so that i could CAMWHORE!!!!
hehe ~!but still ! without any tripod ! i still can CAMWHORE!! wow !
emo +.+walk walk walk..reached Kuan Yin Temple..Oldest Temple in PenanG !
my tears keep on cominG out from my eye !!!!!
why ??? because seriously like a lots of SMOKE in side !!! wow !!!
FANTASTIC huh !? walk...see another temple....
walk aGain...another templ!!!!
CIVIL ENGINEERs must come here !
pay respect for the father of enGineer !!!
walk.....Yap KinGsi Clan House...
walk...Khoo KonGsi Clan...
some nice interior in the Clan House!!!
walk.....Cheah KonGsi Clan....
nice exterior!!!! ^.^
i wanna Go to the Traditional Clan Jetties.
i wanna Go to the Churh Street Pier.
i wanna Go to the TanjonG City Marina.
i wanna Go to the Victoria clock tower.
I wanna Go to the Fort Conrnwallis.
i LOST ! i TIRED !
with some helps! i am finally home !!! wow !!! ^.^
tired wei !
at niGht Go church with Jessica and her parents....supper....Go home!
for lettinG me stayinG at your place!!!
and SNOOPY who always around !!!!!!
and IRENE who speak Hokkien all the time until i can catch up a bit with Hokkien already !!!!!

and the shower head!!! i wanna Get one back home !!! ^.^
it was so comfortable showerinG with it!!!!
and ! OMG!!! GIRLs are HORRIBLE!!!!
walauwer !!!
need so much thinG kah ???
wahhaha !
After church....and supper and Get back to Cindy house !
called EVONNE!!! this FFK QUEEN!!! wahahaha !!! so busy !
didn't Get to see her for the whole PenanG Trip!!! ^.^
Cindy was in a JAM and not able to Get back so fast....
so i can't Get in the HOUSE!!!!
so playinG with camera aGAin !!!
EMO +inG~! :P
and until Cindy comes back !!!!
she saw me sittinG there at the GaraGe !
she ask me why don't Get in ???
"why don't you just turn the door knob and Go in???"
she never lock her house !!! wahahha ! WTF!!!
STUPID ME! waitinG there !! wahahha !!!
We wanna Go out chillinG but then her friend called ~! ^.^
wazzup ?
haha ~! car break down !!!!
we tryinG to Get some jumpstart wire to recharGe the battery !
and Cindy's brother say petrol station can find some...
so we Go to the nearest petrol station to Get one !!!
ended up we travelled the whole island from the nearest to the furthest petrol station askinG the same question and GettinG the same answer NO!
At last....we manaGed to Get one after callinG a friend which her dad's owns a mechanic shop!.
the problem is not because of the battery !!!!@.@
wahhahaha ~! so funny lar ! busy the whole niGht!!! but it was FUN!!!
these are the FOOD i ate at PENANG that day !
and i found THIS!!!

in a TEMPLE!!!
oh GOSH!!!!
CHINESE GOD also like to ROCKsssssssssss!!!! :P


uh !! PENANG was FUN!!!!
aGAin ! thx to CINDY, her Brother, IRENE, Jessica, and her Parents.
and really really thank you CINDY!!!
for GettinG me those biscuits from HIM HEANG and lettinG me to stay at your place!!!
and accompany me even when you are busy !
thx thx !!


Shin said...

haha welcome on behalf of my parents! u say earlier la u bring u those places mah doink =.= i thought Cindy will bring u around haha!

thnx for the trip ;) i really missed Penang like crazy!

♣ peiчi ♣ said...

WOA... ur fren geng a... WHOLE table full of cosmetics.. i saw 2008's top perfume, daisy and dkny's perfume as well.. and u no need help me promote what i've done to my hair gua!! ><"

~G~ said...

haha ~! aiyo ! she wanna study mah ! ok de bah !
walk around alone easier !!!!
hehe ~!can Go where eve r and whebever i want ! ^.^
hahaha ~!
aiyo ! kua zionG lor !!! haha ~!
yours must be like that also !! wahahha ! like that you also can see ! memanG GenG!!!!
hahaha ~! Got new hair woh !!must promote promote one bah !! wahahha !

Shin said...

LOL up to u laaaaa =P u happy can d ;)

pig said...

dun make fun of other ppl religion u bastard..
ur god din teach u respect izzit??

~G~ said...

haha ~! WEI!!!!!!
i didn't make fun !!!
it was TRUE!!!!!
wow ~!! ROCKs!!!!

pig said...

damn u fukin wanker :P

~G~ said...


Anonymous said...

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