Monday, March 16, 2009

Busy~ #..#

Today~~ when i was doinG my 500 words report that should be handed up today~~
i accidentally remembered that i actually have a laboratory to attend~~
so~i run like hell to catch up the time ~
so tired ~ T..T
because i put on weiGht aGain >.<

another reason that makes me tired is because ~~
yesterday ~~
i enjoyed too much ~ :P

so in the morninG..i wake up early in the morninG ~
JOSEPH msn me asn ask me Go breakfast !!!
then here we Go ~
our breakfast ~~!! see the pic below ~ that's mine ~~
so yummy ~~ :P

4 sets of bread, milo ice, curry laksa
wahsheh ~~ we never know that the bread is this thick ~
JOSEPH told me that everyone is lookinG at us when they serves us the bread~
damn pai sheh :P

kept talkinG about JOSEPH~~
do you know how he looks like ???
hrmm ~~ describe a bit 1st ~~
he is a FAT and CHUBBY Guy that likes to eat~~
more detail~>??
refer to the picture below ~

so this is JOSEPH LEO~~
my best "Makan Khaki"~~
fits with the description riGht??
say YES~!!

MUST say YES ar~!!!

Wow ~~ we had a nice and full-fillinG breakfast~~
so puas~~满足~~satisfied~~

to find more satisfactory ~~
2 hours later ~~
we asked our another 2 "makan khaki"~
headinG to eat "Bak Kut Teh"~

wow ~~ Joseph, Cindy, Milton
my "makan khaki"!!!

my description is so true~!!
JOSEPH LEO~ my Best "makan khaki" really can eat ~!!!
and likes to eat ~ :P
see ~~!!!
Joseph~~ eatinG his brother ~ PORK~!
and he's enjoyinG it :P

Then we Go TESCO~~!!!
especially the stupid FAT CATS ~
that steal my tasty chicken and break my plates T.T

and also ~!!! steal one of my shoes ~ T.T
now i have to buy another new shoe~ >.<

i bouGht this shoe ~~ !!!
because i wear it durinG a-levels:P
haha ~~ kinda nostalgia these day ~ :P
and it only cost RM 26 ~ :P waw ~!

At niGht~
it's the EAT and WATCH time ~~
we "tapao" KFC and watch a stupid pirated DVD :P
shit ~~ really shouldn't but pirated DVD ~ T.T
the quality damn sucks ~
we Get cheated because we thouGht the movie should be excitinG as showed in the cover ~
shit ~ :P
so don't ever buy pirated DVD ~~
let's download ~ :P
wow~ i love KFC ~~!!
and watch movie ~~!!
let's do it aGain next time ~~ :P

ALL my "makan khaki" will be GraduatinG 2 months later ~~~
i'm so sad ~~
is the real sad ~~
not that "SinGle.Available.Desperate." SAD~!


- Alfred - said...

walao, the curry laksa n the bak kut teh look so tasty lor... i wanna EAT ar.... hahaha =)

pig said...

wei wei.. me oso ur akan khaki la..
n 1 more thing.. when ur makan khaki gone.. i dun think u'll kurus coz u'll eat 4 them as well..
so when they'r gone.. u'll eat more than now.. n will get "bigger n bigger".. lol
wait me bak la.. we go eat 2gether n jim 2gether.. lol

feierh said...

how come the cat stole your shoe?
and i thought cat eats fish one..why chicken?
so funny
i wanna eat the bak kut teh too@.@

janetgan said...

greg..when fei erh and i go back to msia latter time, bring us there, ok?

~G~ said...

haha ~~ the curry laksa really damn tasty ~~
i love it so much ~
wahkaka ~~ i go there so many times ~~ this is the 1st time i eat the curry laksa ~~ wow ~~ totally you gan dong dao ~ :P
wahkaka ~ :P

okok ~~you guys faster come find me lar ~~ don't sekali gus all come ar ~~ wahkaka ~~

yi ge yi ge lai ~~ so i have more chance to go out play ~ yeah ~ !! ^.^

Jeanette said...

keep eating eating n eating oni o...!!!ur previous post of the 1st photo show how THIN u are o!!!now???OMG~!

pig said...

play play play.. study well n come england la..
i bring u go play la when u come here.. lol
i'm hving a good nite again wif my m8s here.. awesome.. lol
faz faz come.. it'll b better if u'r here.. looking forward 2 c u here..

wordfulgirl said...
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Dolly said...

Yea, Fei Erh made the point! How come the cats eat chicken? and shoes?

~G~ said...

jean~~ T.T
i wanna be as kurus as you `~~T.T
how u so kurus one ar??

CHS~~~spnsor me~~wahkaka:P

dolly~~~ :P
the cats are stupid ~~~:P
they take too much weeds oledi~~
then damn high dy~~thougy my chicken and shoe is fish T.T

cindy said...

i din know we are u so important!!!! hahaha
anyway u got new frens to go TESCO d la.... u wont b bored 1 la!!!! :P
=== unless u go WorkAndTravel again... if not.. it is impossible for u to KURUS bac.....=)hahahhaaaaa

~G~ said...

what the heck T.T
i where Got ~~~
yish ~
how often i Go tesco ?
yish ~ i wanna Go sinG K lar ~ T.T

pig said...

who's CHS??

~G~ said...

Chin Howe Siong ~~
which means ~~ you ~!!! piG ~!!!

forsakengel said...

Wahaha. proven here got more nice food than tawau ;D

anyway, i think you gain weight not coz u din excercise but u eat so much.

Like wht Milton said, you eat then u shit but after that u eat more than u shit ;P

your problem lies in your low lvl of resistance on food temptation.


grassonleaf said...

where is the kopitiam to eat curry??

pig said...

woi.. full name without any mistake a.. not bad.. i spend u makan roti when i get bak.. lol

~G~ said...

haha ~~ PAT~!!!!
u really know me ~~~
haha ~~~like milton say :P
my input not equaly to out put ~~ wahahaha :P

haha ~~ the shope is at semenyih ~~ 2 row behind 7-eleven ~ :P
haha :P

i don't want roti ~ :P

pig said...

dun wan roti? good.. save my money.. lol
but i wan o.. so u spend me la since u doesnt wan me spend u.. thx..
many ppl c this so we hv lots of witness.. cheers..
btw.. i'm going 4 beers n karaoke.. thx.. erm.. jiu k box la.. greg man sui..