Tuesday, December 1, 2009

where is my SUNSHINE?

where is my SUNSHINE??
my lonG lost sunshine??
where is my smile ???
that once always hanGinG on my face???
no matter how stupid and how uGly is my smile!
i still love it.
it was truly from my heart!
and i am happy about it.
fakinG a smile is just simply too easy.
but feelinG truly happy???
i miss my smile!
the one that will always cheers up my day!
i miss my smile!
that makes me found my sunshine.
it rains aGain today!!! T.T
i suppose to be at the basketball court for the BASKETBALL LEAGUE!!!
but it rains !!! so the leaGue have to be postpone to the cominG Thursday!!! T.T
however...it's Good that it rains at TUESDAY so i won't miss my LATIN class !!! ^.^
today we revise what we learnt last week!!!!
because Got one idiot people forGet the moves already !!
and Guess what!!! that was GREG!!!! ^.^
revised Sententa, Sententa ArGoja. Sententa Con EnGano.
and we learned new steps ! Sententa Complicado!!!!!
opps! GreG felt so "peninG" spinninG around for the whole hour!!!@.@
now he feel what BPJen feel durinG last sem while Girls have to do all the spininG moves!!!
and GREG eventually kept on leadinG those Girls to spin for more than what the coach asked for!!!
until they say peninG wanted to vomit!!!
haha ! and now is my own turn feelinG the turns!!! @.@
inilah ! so called "balasan" !!!



pig said...

听政治家说话你都傻的.. -.-'''
听女孩子说话你还更傻.. :P

~G~ said...

hahahaha ~! why say so ???!!!
later Girl saw this you sure kena boom one !! wahahha ~!
politician won't so free come read my bloG Gua ~! so you are free from them ~! :P

Shin said...

its never fair from the start! and girls can make the first move just the consequences of losing a friend will be to great to bare

just my own opinion though

janetgan said...


whatever la, what i typed i know something goes wrong..but i duno where is wrong..wtf..

girls take initiative,will nv get good outcome..guys will feel proud that, wow, yuan lai i got so many admirers too..

but when guys take initiative, gals will feel pampered and feel hang fuk..

btw, u wan who to take initiative to u a?

don say i din leave comment!

gregory bamboo, im here!

~G~ said...

you terbalik already ~!!!
wahhaha ~!!!
but if the girl like the Guy then both will hanG fuk mah !!
wahahha ~!!
aiyo ...
not only meant in relationship lar ~!!
in others thinG also mah !!!!
hehe ~! and FINALLY!! GREEN! you post comment dy ! hnG!!!!
balasan for takinG video for you izzit ? wahahahah ~!

janetgan said...

tak ada terbalik la! guys will only feel that, OHHH, SHE ADMIRES me and WOW, i'm so attractive, and ignore the point that, there's a gal loving a lot.. ai mian zi de nan hai zi..qu si ba!

if the girl loves the guy, but the guy doesnt love her, how to hang fuk? sometimes, jz gal yu xiang qing yuan..how to hang fuk?

well, it all depends on FAITH and FATE..

what balasan oh! i hvnt learn new song..when i learn dao new song, it's time to have new video..LOL..see u die or not! AHAHAH

~G~ said...

ini barulah ngam !! cb!!!