Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hanG out with Dad~

it's was the 1st day of the another sem after 24 hours ++ of break.
and at the 1st day...
we already had our meetinG !!!
OMG~!! and to Get our 20 credits Group project TOPIC!!!
haha..see what the hand holdinG in the left corner in the picture below ~!?
Guess what is it ?
wow ~! a super biG webcam wei ~! ^.^
after the meetinG..i race to KL to meet my dad...
reached PAVILLION~!
waw ~!! so CNY feel ~! ^.^ uhhu ~!
then..Daddy and the son Go for a movie !!!
i suGGested AVATAR 3D but it's showinG at 10.30pm...
but Daddy say he sure will sleep in the cinema cause too late already ~!! wahaha
so we watched this movie...LEGION!!
stupid movie ~! thouGht it was nice Y.Y
what a biG dissapointment Y.Y
Daddy say there is a Beef Noodle stall which open for 24-7 ~!!!
located somewhere at Jalan ConGkanG TonG Shin...
a few streets behind Jalan Alor.
walkinG at Jalan Alor...saw this ~!!! wow ~! nice ~! ^.^
then finally we reached the noodle stalls...
Restaurant NGAO KEE ~!!!
precisely...it wasn't a restraunt...
just a stalls with a few tables and chair alonG the "KAKI LIMA"
However...wow ~! the BEEF NOODLE..no jokinG~!! NICE~!!!! ^.^
after eatinG with DAddy..
we walk around some old place and see some old new stuff~!!
wow ~! hanGinG out with DADDY is so nice because i can explore the other places that i won't ever Go when GoinG with my friends ~! ^.^
huh ~! Gain a lots and eat alots when dad is here ~! ^.^ awwhhhh`!!!
syiok !!!


awhhh!!! need to lose weiGht already !!
or else !! my bet with mum....
i will lose T.T


pig said...

parents r oweyz nice n precious

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~G~ said...

yupe ~! ^.^

pig said...

ape tu anonymous??????