Sunday, January 17, 2010


This story Go back to 1st of January aGain ~!
We went to IMU to fetch Melissa...
and while we waitinG outside...
no place to park...
and we saw this thinG in the picture below ~!!!
Please do not block entrance by parkinG here
So (Girl mah ~! ^.^ sure very very slow one ..need to bersolek..ban kenG lenG~!)
while waitinG...
we Get bored and starts some stupid insane conversation...
one of them is that.
Kenneth(that dude in the picture above) says,
"See the block parkinG mah ..we put our car here then set the Gear on 'N' mah ok already lor ~!!! riGht??"
GreG, VuiSenG : "LOL! !@#!@#$"
"N" Gear
wahahahaha ~!
then manual car mah can park everywhere anywhere anytime because they don't have the "P" at the Gear ????! =.="
forGive me for the lame post ~ ^.^
too stress because of the previous paper already !!!
FML!! i can't even answer a sinGle question !!!!
Gone to SUSHI KING to vent.
awwhhhh ~!!!
the most confident question Gone another way round then i don't know how to do already #.#
i hate exam !!!
i Gain whole lots of weiGht durinG exam !!!
think that i will Gain back the double weiGht i lose durinG the previous 3 month T.T


must score at the next 2 papers !!!!!
then !! WOW~!! have you life back !! ^.^
have fun !
Good luck in exam every one ~!!!


pig said...

sushi king got mihun soup d???

janetgan said...

lan sit jiu lan sit la..blame the exam to make u gain weight! hng!!

double weight u lose.LOL..let's see!!

tayar gregggggg

~G~ said...

haha ~! not bihun soup larrrr!!!
hahaha ~! need to destress bah ~! WTH -.-'
u shorty Janet !!!! >.<

pig said...

not mihun then is wut udong a o ramen

~G~ said...

yea ..somethinG like that ~! ^.^
but not yummy also de T.T

pig said...

ofcoz la japan noodles onli udon n ramen popular u go eat other u stupiak oso d la but good 4 me coz ur d white rat here ohohoohoho thx greg

~G~ said...

cheh..cause it's set meals mah !!!!
i see Got both rice and noodles mah order lor ~!! consequences of Greedy Y.Y

pig said...

oh oh oh clever but aint tat clever hahahahahahahahahahahaha

~G~ said...

cibaiiiiiiiiii :P

pig said...

kns ~!! learn from u LOL

Melissa said...

wat la