Tuesday, January 5, 2010


wow ~!! DANIEL WONG!!!!
you are now offically 21st years old ~!! ^.^
Since exam is around the corner ...
we can only have a simple celebration by dininG toGether...
else wise ...we will vomit at each other..kissinG each other ..huGGinG..cuddlinG..sinGinG ..and others kinda stupid stuffs ~! ZOMG!!!
aih...EXAM!! i hate EXAM !!! T.T
We went to the 21st Century Cafe at KajanG for celebration !
see ~! GreG's sufferinG and sweatinG like mad there...you will know why...
so this is us ...
freakinG a lots of people...
squeezinG in the indoor area because it was raininG thus we can't stay outdoor..
the starter~! and i thouGht the toastthere is the Garlic bread i ordered ...
mana tahu...is not !!!
and luckily is not !!! or else !! WTF!! i payinG so much for that pieces of skinny toast ????
the Garlic bread come after i freakinG finish the mushroom soup T.T WTF!!
then the nicest thinG ~!!
as others say..the BEST is always at the LAST!!! ^.^
the Swiss Lamb Cheese Steamboat~!!
wahsheh !! i don't know the portion is that larGe !!!
so it's kinda suffer to finish them all ~!!!
wow ~! thx TKY for helpinG me with the Garlic bread ! ^.^
so..these are some view of the Cafe..
it is eventually a club house ~!
Aaron emo+inG...
wow ~! the view for the top is nice ~!
the indoor ~!
walau ~! can see KLCC somemore!!! tetapi very kecil lar ~! ^.^
they tryinG to kill themselves !! exam stress T.T


Jessyca said...

Where is this cafe in Kajang? it seems nice ler ^^ Feel like wana try out...

~G~ said...

haha ~! somewhere near new era colleGe.. near some housinG area uphill ~!! is in a club house ~! ^.^