Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last paper~

After the 3rd paper !
woo hoo !!!
headinG for lunch...
but then...
ended up wanted to Go for movie !
Guess what !!!
we watched this !!!!
a Movie production of Malaysia ~!! ^.^
wahaha ~! it was a nice comedy~ and kinda touchinG too ~! ^.^
lauGh from the start till the ends!!!!
and i just realized why i can't sleep well last few niGht because the days before !!!
i ate too much DURIAN!!!!!!! @.@
bouGht from an uncle at the roadside on the way to BroGa~!!
waw ~! the durian tasted so Good !!
this is the 1st time i buy Durian myself ~! ^.^
RM 8 per kG ... expensive or not ??? hrmmmmmm~~~


wow ~! finally it comes to the last paper already !!!!
Daddy is cominG ~!! ^.^
can't wait to meet him :)


janetgan said...

eat durian will cause u insomnia? yer, i miss the days my papa picks durian and buys it..

u macam uncle d, pick and buy durian sendiri..hhaaha

pig said...

RM8 per kg is not expansive laaa not 2 mention u said those durians r good worth it i miz it T.T

~G~ said...

haha ~!! the durian type is 101 if i am not wronG ~! :P
hehe ~! cause eat liao very heaty mah !!!!
i turn on air-con also felt hot T.T

pig said...

eat liao drink salt water usin d shell la 2 kill some heaty

~G~ said...

hahaha ...i drink a lots of barley also useless T.T

pig said...

not salt water stronger mehhhhh hoho don eat so much looooo

~G~ said...

hahaha !!! u kenot eat ler !! wahahaha

pig said...

now this reli cb!!!!!

Melissa said...

Chou GreG, i wanna watch tat movie!!!!!!!!