Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tooth Fairy~!

It's was a niGht with a pretty full moon !!!
After Albert fetched me to Get my babe...
we headed to THE MINES aGain !!!!
1st we Get a movie ticket ..then we hanG out around ~! ^.^
had dinner at Gasoline ~!!
while waitinG the movie to show ~~
the only nice thinG is the mushroom soup ~!
other is fillinG but dissapointinG T.T
and after the show ~!! Sheesha~! :) love it !
what movie ????
oh yea ~!!! tooth fairy !!!
the story is normal ~
yet it was nice and funny !!!
MUST WATcH~! ^.^
and yea ~!!
what's on my face ????
NEW SPEC~!! wow ~!! nice boh ?~! :P
awh....and aGAin ~! Riverside Bar and Grill~
we tasted the cheese cake ~! kinda nice ~! :)
so ~!! i Get a new spec ~! !
nice or not ~!! uhhhuu ~!! ^.^
say nice ~! :P


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Shin said...

greg i like ur last pic in this blog ^.^ cute spec!

Mic said...

er er er ..i think i hav a specs almost same wiv urs wahahaha xD

~G~ said...

hahaha ! THX~!!
wahaha !! CNY we wear it toGether lar !! hehehe

Mic said...

hahaha if gt chance to meet u la xD