Friday, September 11, 2009

Deja Vu

Hrmmm....why everythinGs looks so familiar ~!Did i came here before ????
Deja Vu ???
Seriously ???!!!Yeah ~!i Guess i'm not wronG~!
aGain ~!
went to Mabul aGain ~!
3 days after the previous trip ~!!!
and that particular morninG ~!
OMG~!! the wave is really HUGE and our boat is so freakinG small~!
felt like our life "terancam" and almost die in the sea ~!!!
we prayed~!
at the end we all still reach the destination in one piece ~!
except our stuff are all Get soaked T.T
yeah ~! that's us ~! with 2 new know friend from Poland ~!
just that i forGotten their name ~! ^.^
and pictures shown is what we did there ~!
6 人叠罗汉
and yea...i'm always the one who stays on the bottom T.T
so sad T.T
i "found" my "TRUE LOVE" there too ~!

ChuaVuiSenG~! XOXO ~! muacks ~!
Love story in Mabul 1 ~!
Love Story in Mabul 2 ~! XOXO
HavinG beer and ciGarettes after made out ~! :P
Just kiddinG ~!
We are two straiGht Guys ok ~! :P

and yeah ~! We do Go for snorkeling ~!
opps ~! too bad no divinG this time ~!
ah`!!! what a waste ~!
didn't brinG underwater camera when we Go for divinG last time ~!
but yeah ...never mind ~!
still a lots of nice picture we captured this time ~!
except hard to see any sea turtle when snorkelinG ~!
wow ~! havinG fun takinG picture underwater ~!
We love sunsets~!!!!!
except that recently ~ too many haze ~!
air polution due to fire at Indonesia ~!
so we missed out a nice sunrise and sunset ~! how sad ~! T.T
what i've found ~!
a 6 "leGGed" starfish and a 4 "leGGed" starfish~!! awesome ~!!!
we also found some colourful starfish such as some were like in zombie colour ~!
some with lepord strips ~!
BiG starfish ~! tiny cute little starfish....etc etc etc....
awh ~! the best thinG in island is that you can drink what ever you what and whenever you want ~!!!
haha ~! far from parents riGht ~!
so i can do what ever i like ~!
become an alcoholic ~!
DrinkinG Ruum from morninG until niGht....
drunken and slept at the balcony ~!!!
and wake up in the middle of the niGht because it was too cold outside there ~!
then wakes up aGain and starts a new day doinG the same thing ~!
what a Great life ~!
i hope that i can own an island like Mabul ~! :P
Group Picture after snorkelinG ~! say CHEESE ~!!!!!
and aGain ~!!!!
Dozed off ~!!!
used too much enerGy.....


KΛtΞ_Jiun Pui said...

i love mabul too!!!!!
miss thr so much....T.T
n the starfish reli so unique!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha ~! should Go divinG there ~! :P
hehe..btw Go Sipadan to dive too ~! :P