Sunday, September 27, 2009

Places we Go!!!

erk hmmm~!!! HELLO~!!!
i'm back ! i meant ~!
i Get my CAMERA back ~! it was fixed !!!!
yeahhhh!!! so happy ^.^
if wanted to know what had happen to my camera last time ...clickhere
in the morninG !
with some hardwork...finally we woke up !
and at 1015 ! we at last depart from the house and headinG to Sunway ~!!
Met up with SenG's brother, Admond...
Lepak a while...
see no lenG luisss...T.T
We left ~! ^.^
Alex. SenG. GreG movinG to Pandan Indah ~!
We Go YumCha ~!!!
at the Restaurant shown at the pic below ~! ^.^
We ate Roti Bakar.
it was so nice~!!!
because it was toasted by charcoal~!
and we drank KluanG coffee~!!!
so Gao ~!! very nice~!!!!
a Cup of coffee, 2 pieces of toast~!
so tasty ~!!!
SenG~! spechless~!!
Alex~! saying "ho jiak" ~!

After thaT ~!
We Go to The Curve ~!
parkinG at Ikano~!!
and at the end of the day ~
we can't found our car at M3...
because we been to the wronG floor ~!!! ^.^
stupid us~!!!hahaha....
Outside The Curve ~!
saw some road show ~!
they are playing some Games ~!!!
whoever who have the PinGponG ball on the spoon in their mouth at the end of the days can drive away a Subaru ~! ^.^
wow ~!!!!
i passed by them and Go to buy Movie tickets and come out aGain ~! they still there ~!!
wow ~!!
so concentrate !!!! wah ~! for a car woh !!! who don't want ~!!!!!??
Had dinner here~!
so happy because we doesn't have to pay ~!!!!
we met up with Vivian, Slyvia and her sister and their mom ~!!
and for sure Datin pay for us ~!! wahahah ~!
i seriously love to Go out makan with Alex ~!!
because ~! always ~! i'm the one who finish the food at the table ~!!
but when ALex was there ~!!
Huraay ~!!! he become the one ~!!
i can lose weiGht if havinG every meal with him ~!! ^.^
so nice ~!
7 person RM70 only for a movie ticket at Saturday niGht ~!!
so cheap ~!! ^.^
And Guess what we watched ~!!
This movie was AWESOME!!!!!
every scenes was attractinG ~!!
i want to watch the 3D version one next time !!!!!
wow ~!!
Go wat Go watch !!!!!
it was so NICE~!!!


School is GoinG to starts soon T.T
aih ~! Must work harder this semester ~!! wow ~!
GreG you must score above 60% this year !!!

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