Friday, September 25, 2009

Alex come NottinGham ~!

Firstly ~! i've move to another house ~!!!
hurray ~!!!!
let you Guys have a sneak preview of my new room 1st ~!!!! ^.^
i know ~! :P
it's messy ~! still under construction beh ~!!! haha ~!
ok ~! let's Get into the topic ~!
As ALex reached KajanG KTM....
ALbert and GreG fetch him and brinG him to.....
the FAMOUS KAJANG SATE~!!!!!! wow ~!!!
located at KAJANG~!
wow~! there are many kinds of satay there ~!!!
Chicken , Beef , Mutton, and some orGan, wow ~! and also RABBIT sate ~!!!
we ordered 7 of each and 2 rabbit (because albert don't wanna eat RABBIT)~!
and at the end... we can't recoGnie which are chicken and which are RABBIT~!!!!???
hopefully Albert doesn't have it ~! ^.^
but overall ~! only the Sate Sauce is nice ~!! :P
exercise to Get rid of the calories~!!!!
lonG time never play already ~! :P
After that~! dinner aGain !
no wonder GreG Gained his weiGht so fast ~! ^.^
wow ~! my dinner ~!
"nga bou lou shu fan"~!
and after shower and eveythinG ~!
we start to relax~!!!
wow ~!
let's watch DVD!!!!
and wth =.="
in so much DVDs i have..he chosen an "extreme action movie" ~!!!!=.="
opps ~! and i captured a picture of him and the "action movie"as a prove ~!!! ^.^
after a while ~! we changed to X-Men 2 and as the slept after that !!
next morninG ~!
SHIT ~! i don't care anythinG about the "weiGht" anymore !!!!
we Go Semenyih town for breakfast !!!!!
wow ~! this wantan mee is tasty ~!!!
and damn alots of people there ~!!!
Noon my daddy mummy sister auntycome visit me~!!
and then they left to Kota Bharu ~!!!! T.T
aih ~! they don't miss me one mer???
just come and see me for 15 minutes then left already wah T.T
In the eveninG ~! we hadour so called "lunch" at SunGai Chua~!!
yummy ~! it was tasty ~!!!
Look at the picture and Guess what am i GoinG to do ????
i MMS someone and someone so clever ~!!!
directly know what i'm GoinG to do ~!!
wow ~!!!!LOVE YA~!!!!.
ok ~! yeah ~! Go for a hair cut with senG ~!!!
and then ~!!!
my hair soshort already ~!!!!

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