Monday, September 21, 2009

A complicated trip ~!

So ~!
18 September 2009~
is the last time i saw JANET this year....

Met her at MidValley and have our teatime at SWEETCHAT...
opps~! she's with the boy friend, Ah Hong ~!
and i became the BIG liGht bulb ~! T.T
These are what i had....the bubuchacha was nice ~! ^.^and what i ate ~! so not nice T.T reGret!
oh ~! and we met Melissa at MV accidentally that day ~!! wow ~!!!!
Then they send me to Bangsar for monorail ~!
and from there i reached GOMBAK and met an old friend ALEX~!!!!
We GoinG to GentinG ~!! ^.^
hurray ~!!!!!
this is our room and yeah ~!! it's FREE~!!!
so nice ~!!!
This is the not the 1st time i Go GentinG !!!
but yet ! it's the 1st time i can Get into the casino successfully~!!!
but still ~! T.T
the Guard checked my ID ~!
wow ~! that's means i still looks younG ~! hurray ~!!!
is that somethinG i need to be happy about ~!? ??? =.="
and it's also the 1st time celebrated Birthday there ~!!!
that was CheeHowe Birthday~!!!
and that's also the 1st time i met him ~! ^.^
Happy birthday dude~!!!
this is also another 1st time ~!!!!
We went to Police station at GentinG for the very 1st time in our life time ~!!!
OMG~!! not because of we did some crime ???
just that one of the friend lost his ID ~!! OMG~!!! speechless....=.="
and the police station is damn laoya ~!! wahhahah ~!
after that ! we went for casino ~!!
with RM 100 ~!
i can only play for 7 bets only T.T
Luckily the ATM breakdown or else ~! i think i will lose all my money~!!!
thanks GOD ~!!!.
Slept at 7am and wakes up at 10am ~!!!
and we decided to take skyway~!!!
we do everythinG that was not allowed in the cable car ~! :P
that's Malaysian ~! :P
and waitinG for the bus to Gombak ~!
opps ~! been smokinG too much in this trip ~!
dude ~! try to quite or you die faster ~!!!
after havinG some rest and prepared ~!!
we Go KlanG ~!!!
and wow ~!!
what is famous in KlanG ???
yeah !!! we tasted it ~!! BA KUT TEA ~!!!
yummy ~!!!!
after that ~! We Go for a talk ~!
wow ~! that was a nice one ~!!!And for supper ~!!
yea ~!! Little Tree Cafe ~!!!!
end of one day~!
20 Sept ~!! slept for whole day and the went to Steven's Corner for what ???
for ManU vs ManC ~!!!!
wow ~! it was a nice match ~!! MICHEAL OWEN ~!! you ROCKS ~!!!!
and we had a niGht swim after that ~!!!!
since it was cold ~!!
LET's have some BEER ~~!!!
wow ~!!!!
it was a nice trip ~!!
for the trip and lettinG me to stay at your house ~!! ^.^
see you on wednesday at my place ~!!!!


wow ~!
all my friends ~!! i missed you Guys so much ~!!!
hope that we can have more GatherinG soon or lateR ~!!
and wth with the weather ~!!!
everytime it rains when i'm takinG public transport ~!!!

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