Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good bye my Lover ~

14 Sept 2009.
alone i have my fliGht back to Kl...
so sad leavinG TAWAU !
As soon as i Get off the plane ~
Albert was there waitinG ~!
so happy ~!
and that i only knew that Milton is leavinG tomorrow morning ~!!!!
this son of bitch ~!!
so confusinG ~! always fly here fly there until we don't know where is he ~!
and he's leavinG ~! tomorrow?? i meant 15 Sept !!!
So we leave KLIA and headed to MidValley !!!
and it was 2245...
Coffee Bean was closinG soon...
so we swifted to the restaurant at Cititel!!!
chit -chat and takinG photo ~!!!
Albert and GreG ordered somethinG to eat !!!
as the food came ~!!
it was damn Big potion !!!! ^.^
this is GreG's fish and chips !
and Albert's Beef BurGer !!!!
FuckinG HUGE!!!
we used our life to finish it ~! :P
ah ~! the final moment ~!!
this is the last time i see Milton ~!!!
RIP Milton ~!!!
Good bye HuG with Azwin~!! T.T
and Good bye present from Diana and Milton ~!!
opps ~!
his fliGht is at the next morninG i wasn't manaGe to wake up ~!
so i missed out another kiss kiss huG huG cryinG moment ~!! ^.^
haha ~!!!
hey dude ~!!!
take care there~!!!!
Awhhh ~!!
without him and Albert still sleepinG ~!
ALONE aGAIN ~!! oh Gosh ~! wth ~! i'm so pity ~!!
i went to Times Square ~!!!
settled somethinG and have a cup of coffee ~! T.T
hey ~! ok ~!
i'm not that pity at least ~! while havinG someone to SMS with ~! :P
haha ~! thx for accompany me all the time ~! XOXO
and at last ~!!! Go to Midvalley aGain ~!!
Get some stuff from body shop ~!!!
SHIT~!! as i walkinG to MidValley ~!!
stopped by someone ~!!
i shouldn't stop!!!!
at the end i was beinG forced to "buy" a handicraft!!!
wtf!!! so uGly summore~!!!!
if it was for charity then NVM lar !!! but NOT~!!! FCUK!
anyone needs to apply for internet connection ???
Maxis wired broadband ???
since the new house i movinG in doesn't have coveraGe and i have another 9 months contract!!!
so yea~!
if you Guys cominG to NottinGham and needs internet connection ~!
talk to me ~! plz ~!
thx thx ~!!!


ahhh ~!!
i need a new life here ~!!
BORING ah ~!!!!!
wish that someone was around me now ~! ^.^
God bless everyone ~!!!

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