Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BroGa Hill~BroGa Hill~BroGa Hill~

It was a Sunday morninG ~
so ~! went for broGa hill aGain ~! ^.^
Click the picture to enlarGe ~! :)

Since Alex and his friends are cominG for broGa hill ~!
and that's their 1st time ~!
As a Notts that stayinG around there and have been to there...
so GreG be the Guide ~!
Also, GreG asked my Housemates, Evonne to Go alonG for the hikinG too~
and that's also her 1st time ^.^
and asked alonG ChuaVuiSenG~! :P
i loved this pic so much ~! ^.^
and this is when GreG was "poo+inG" and beinG captured by SenG ~! ^.^
oh ~! the lonely Guitarist ~! Love this picture so much ~! ^.^
credited to ChuaVuiSenG ~!
Finally ~
We are headinG for the sunrise ~!
Alex and his friends didn't slept for the whole niGht and travelled to my place reached at 4.30a.m.~!
Hey dude ~! i'm still sleepinG ~! and my alarm was set to 5am ~! T.T
wow ~! see the cars ???
OMG ~!
so ~! recommended not to Go for BroGa hill hikinG durinG weekends ~!
it's a lots of people ~! we almost can't Get any places to stand ~! T.T
and all the Grass were dyinG ~! T.T
pity broGa hill is GoinG to be bald already T.T


yo ~! dear friends ~!
the sun rises at almost 7pm ~!
so just chill and went there by 5.30 ~!
so that won't miss anythinG ! ^.^
Good luck ~!

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alan tan said...

Nice photo :D

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