Sunday, October 11, 2009


It was Friday and riGht after finished lesson ~
all of us decided to Go out and relax relax ~!
So we went to CHERAS and had Pan Mee ~!
here's the shop~!
ordered their specialties~!
and this one haven't add in the chilies ~!
i ate half and it was so damn freakinG nice ~!!
nicest pan mee i ever had ~!
then i decided to add some chillies ~!
one saucepan ~!? Not enouGh ~!
then i added TWO ~!!
then i reGret ~! damn spicy wei ~!
but overoll ~! it was so nice ~! i wanted to Go there for PanMee aGain ~! ^.^
thx to ROBERTTAY who fetchinG us there ~!
after PanMee and lost for quite a while ~!
we reached BintanG walk ~!
so we walked to Pavillion ~!
wow ~! 3 months i haven't Gone there already ~!
and they built this fountain ~! Nice ~!
and these are some decoration for Deepavali ~!
so nice wei ~!!!
but so waste lar ~! use rice to make one ~! ^.^
so many people starvinG in this world ~!!!!!
nvm ~! as lonG as it's nice then ok already ~! :P
kinda rush ~! so only have tarts as dinner ~!
love it ~!
and finally ~! We catch the movie "SurroGates "~!
Nice story ~! Nice Suspens ~! but less action T.T
hehe ~!
anyway ~! it's nice ~! i wish to have a SurroGates too ~! ^.^
After movie ~! nothinG to do ~! Go home ~!
end of story ~! bye bye ~!
opps ~! the fountain in the niGht ~! nice ~! :P
ah ~! btw ~! i BouGht these stuffs durinG the day ~! :P


i damn hate the UNI bas ~!!!
2 round of bus passed in front of me ~!!!!
and i can't Get in ~!
because it was too full ~!
aiks ~!
add more bus bah ~! since more student already ~!! !@#$@#%@!


Melissa said...

I wan Pan Mee and dan tarts !!!!

~G~ said...

hahaha ~! come lar ~! let's hanG out toGether ~! :P