Sunday, October 11, 2009


Saturday, 10th Oct 2009 ~!!!
After done with somethinG at Sunway Pyramid...
GreG went to Mid Valley to see see look look ~!
wow ~! and at there ~! there was an event happeninG there ~!
it was the PlayBoy new franGrance for man !!!
so nice ~!
wow ~! Got lamborGini somemore ~!
and there was a "competition" GoinG on too ~!
Female shoppers Gets to participate the event and win somethinG ~!!!
The 2 winners of the days can own a PRADA or a BURBERRY handbaG ~!!
waw ~! see ~! so Good to be a Girl ~! especially those hot one ~! ^.^
heard that the events starts at 4pm...
was there at 4pm but it still haven't started yet ~!
so ~ GreG just chilled out at Starbucks ~! :P
with his favourite Mocha ~!
and at the same time ~! the events started ~!!! T.T
wth ~! so crowded !!!!
so can't really takes photo with the lousy camera ~! @.@
So the Girls reGistered ~! and Get a pairs of bunny ears ~!
these are the bunny Girls ~!
and the are so hot ~!!! wow ~! no wonder it attracts crowd ~!!!!
and the crowd Gets to vote ~!!!!
since GreG's lucky numbers is number 4 ~!!
so GreG voted for it ~!!
and unexpected ~! she was bloGGer tzia~!
and GreG also voted for another contestant under another name ~!
hahaha ~!
while waitinG for the orGanizer to count the vote ~!
walked around and talked to someone else ~!
and GreG found out ~!
it was ONLY RM59.90 for the franGrance ~!
so i Get one for myself ~! it was MALIBU ~!
it smells so nice ~! soft ~
The fragrance opens with tangy citrus, apple and green aromatic notes~
The heart mixes jasmine and iris with a touch of coriander and cedar~
The base notes blend musks and woods~
ok ~! competition is cruel ~! not everyone will become the winner ~!
but due to their couraGe and sporty attitude ~!
they were rewarded with something ~! but i don't know what was that ~! :P
so this is the 3rd runner up ~! kinda cute ~!
and this is the 2nd runner up ~! GreG kinda love her ~ ^.^
and these 2 are the winners who can Get the handbaGs ~!!!! lucky one ~!
the red bunny choosed the PRADA handbaG so tziaa Get the BURBERRY handbaG~!
Finally ~! hot chicksbunny with the miGhty machine ~!!!
end of the day ~!
At Steven's Tea Garden ~!
i had my dinner ~!
and went home ~!!!
it was a nice and perfect day ~!!
just that i broke my sunGlasses T.T
aihhhh ~!!!!! T.T


i am damn broke now ~!!! T.T
need to "Guai Guai" stay at home lor ~!!!
hehe ~! STUDY HARD ~!!!! +u GreG~!


pig said...

wut a colourful life u'r hving.. good man..

~G~ said...

No man ~!!! you more syiok laar ~! london ~! :P

pig said...

nth in london d.. n everytime u go out.. u'r watching out 4 ur wallet.. dun like it at all.. n no fren.. sien.. uiui.. u oweyz go out alone d a??