Sunday, October 18, 2009


This is the 1st time i see cheerleadinG in such a close distance ~!
wahhahaha ~! fantastic ~!!!! it's at IMU~!!!!
so many lenG luisssss ~! ^.^ XOXO
reached IMU and met up with Janice ~! :P
as soon as we reached there....
uhhu...T.T the competition is over ~! but yet ~! we still Get to catch up with one of the performance ~! ^.^
Before we went to IMU ~!
went to I-canton for dinner ~! haha ~! my porl rice ~! :)
and before Pork rice ~!
we Go for sinG-K session at AMP Square~!
aiyo ~! compared to Green Box ...the stereo system is not that Good ~! T.T
but still ok lar ~!!!
Group of us ~!!!
FeiErh, YihShin, Melissa, SenG, Kenneth, GreG~!
it was Friday ~!
and it was a fun day ~! ^.^
we should hanG out toGether more often ~! wahhahaha ~!


shit ner ~!
i left my camera at kenneth car ~!
so i don't Get to take alots of pic T.T
so sad ~!!!!!

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