Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cutie Kitten~

One silent and creepy niGht...
i came back from exercise...
found out my basketball was flat.. T.T
so i Go to my friend house to borrow pump to fill up my basketball~!
my friend Go to my other friend's room to take some equipment ~!!
and Guess what we found out ~!!!
Accidentally ~!!!
we so some fluffy thingy on the bed !!!
Firstly ~! we thouGht that it was some rats or squirrel...
because the light doesn't turned on ~!!
it scared the hell out of us ~!!
when we turned on the liGht ~!!
wow ~!! SO cute ~!!! it was THEY ~!!
they are some kittens ~!!!! really so cute lar ~! ^.^
see ~!! 3 little kittens ~!!!
so cute ner ~! ^.^
but then we realized that ~!!
OMG~!! how these kittens Get in ~!!
oh ~! because the window was left open ~!
and we Guess the mother come in and give birth to those kittens ~!!!
OMG~!! GIVE BIRTH~!!! BLOOD~!!! SHIT !!! PEE ~!!
shit !!!! his bed !!!!
so we directly called him and asked him for a video call to fiGure out what to do ~!!!
he too shocked when he saw what those cute kitten did to his bed ~!!
so he asked us to put those kitten in a box and then throw them away ~! T.T
so cruel ~!!!
they are just babies ~!! don't know how to walk also ner ~!!!! Poor kittens....if not because of me ~!!
you Guys still sleeping comfortably in the room ~!! T.T
after moving them into a box...
we carry the bed out to throw it away since it was covered with shit !pee! and blood !
Placed those kitten on the bed outside !!!
and covered them with the box so that they felt warmer~!!!Pity kittens ~!!!
The next day ~! the mother found them and BITE their HEADs OFF~!!!
OMG~!!! so disGustinG ~!!!
no lah ~! just kiddinG ~!!!
the mother found them and fed them~!
so ~! the kittens was still staying in the box and the bed in front of my friend house ~!!!
Kittens ~!! anyone ?????


yeah ~!!
Alex, Melissa, YihShin are now at Semenyih !!

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