Thursday, October 8, 2009

Malacca AGain ~

so ~! this is the 2nd time i went to Malacca ~! ^.^
and it was so fun ~!!!
like my friend says: "8 persons, 2 cars, 2 camera, 1 tripods and whole lots of FUN~!!!"
We felt Glad that we have a tripod ~!
credited to YihShin ~!!
wow ~! so we can take pictures by our own ~!
except that it was kinda tirinG ~!! awwhhh T.T
because i'm the one who set up the tri-pod, camera read ~! RUN~!!!!
wow ~!
waw ~! i seriously like our Group photo~! ^.^
Picture of us all playinG at the playGround...
awwhhh ~! HELP ~!! i was tripped and stuck on the railway ~!!!
Luckily Superwoman Melissa come and saved my day~!!!!
wuhhu ~! ^.^

Picture of us at the "Red House"~!
so nice ~! and i met BILLY CHAI there ~! unexpected !!!
wow ~! eating Cendol at "DaBaoXiaoShi" at Jonker street ~!
ermmmm...i dunno how to describe here ~!!! haha but it was very nice ~!!!!
in NADEJE Passerie~!
seriously love the "thousand layer cake"~!!!
Satay Celup ~!
at dunno where ~!!
People say CAPITOL there was nice but we just can't find it ~! T.T
and don't know the direction ~!
Finally ~! after enjoyinG eatinG and takinG picture ~!!!
We have a walk at Jonker Walk !!!
opps ~! we buy these wrist band ~!!!
BROTHERHOOD ~!!! wahhahaha ~!!!
and i buy this mini sized LAMI ~!! wow ~! next time Got lami play lur ~! wahahha ~! so nice ~! :P
Since it was Mid-Atumn Festival ~!!! must play with lantern lar ~!!!
we rushed back to my uni...
and here we come ~!!!
us with the lantern and the buildinG my uni ~! :P
and that was the last thinG we did ~!!!
it was FANTASTIC and so HAPPY hanGinG out with old friends ~!!
yo dudes ~!!! let's hanG out and Gather toGether next time ok ~! ???
ok ~! Good ~!!! .


wow ~! that was so so fun ~!!
But this time ..still didn't Get to Go to Eye of Malaysia ~! T.T
and didn't Go to the bar last tiem i went to ~!!
aih ~!!!!
anyway ~! it was fun ~!!
but haven't syiok till the limit ~!! hahaha ~!
but ~! still fun ~! hehe ~! ^.^ thx dude ~!


yihshin said...

Tired meh? it's for you own good la .. running can help u in keep fit ma :D

:( :( i wanted to go Eye on Malaysia too!!

chubikia said...

Next trip!

Melissa said...

erm.... I think it shoud be 3 cameras....

wat bar?

next trip = Broga Hill

~G~ said...

hahaha ~! yo ~! sinG k this weekend ~! hahahahahaha ~! :P