Sunday, October 25, 2009

Woon Zhen birthday at Maison!

It's Thursday!
It's Ladies' NiGht!
It's Woon Zhen Birthday !
He invited us to Go clubbinG at Maison!
Unexpected !
i straiGhtly met 3 of my lonG lost friend there !
2 from my hometown and 1 that i know her durinG my 1st part time job in Malaysia ~! ^.^
It was an awesome niGht ~!
everyone was like drunkard and kept on foolinG around ~!
syiok wei !
oh ~! the dance club vice president !
some retarded picture !
we all Get drunk, Get hiGh and Get tired ~!
oppS ~! seems like more and more people joininG our GanG ~! ^.^
ahha ~! the drunken birthday boy ~!
kept on showinG his middle finGer and say "Don't fuckinG touch ME! i can walk by myself ! "
Drunkard Poser !!!!
anyway ~! it was a Great niGht ~!
drink a lots ! dance a lots ~!
met a lots of people ~!
you bastard!!!

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