Saturday, February 27, 2010

Steamboat at Sunway

It was the day before the last day of CNY~!
my Groups of hiGh school friends plans have dinner at Sunday but don't know for what reason..we chanGed to Saturday ~
nvm...what ever...
so we went to Tasty Pot Restaurant for our Reunion dinner ~!
and it was my 1st time there.~!
kinda of cheap for a buffet steambot...not more than RM30 for a dinner ~!
lot's of choices...seafood, crabs, prawns, BBQ lamb, BBQ crabs, ice cream etc etc...
see the mess i make..then you can wonder how full am i that niGht ~!! wahahaha ~! :)
. full we are..there are still somethinG missinG ~!!
so we went to Station One Cafe for BEER~!!
and chit-chat ~!!
wow ~! lot's of fun that niGht ~!!!
wow ~! i love GatherinG with all the hiGh school Friends ~! :P


so lazy these day ~!!
kept one sleepinG only !!!
ok !!! i must arranGe my notes !!!
bye !

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