Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last day of CNY

So...since Saturday Gathered with my fellow old hiGh school friends...
Sunday ~! the real last day of Chinese New year...
also the Chinese Valentine's Day...
GreG hanG out with his coursemates and friends ~!!
all the way from Semenyih we drove to Jalan Kuchai Lama...
and arrived at the classmate, JimmyChai's Restaurant~! ^.^
and above is our DINNER~!! yummy ~!!!
1st time eatinG so many dishes with friends ~!! ^.^
and of course ~! the price is also cheaper since ..haha...friend's restaurant mah ~! :P
wow ~!! damn full wei that niGht ~!!!
and we also rao shanG~!!
this is also the 1st time i realized that rao shanG can be this lots of mess ~!! @.@
my hand is covered with pepper, sos and what ever that need to be added into that dish !!!
however !!!
WOW~!! it was so much fun ~! :D
see ~!! so many wishinG ballon ~!!
write your wish on the ballon and let it Go ~!
pray that your wish can fly to the heaven and God miGht read it ~! ^.^
as soon as we finished our dinner ...
we rushed to the lake beside AmCorp Mall...
some thinG is happeninG there ~! ^.^
There's an event and there was so crowded. ~
performance..bla bla bla ..and lots of others..
but the most important thinG is throwinG the mandarin oranGe into the lake..
and hope that a handsome dude will Get it ~!
lots of desperate people i Guess.. :)
because at the end..your handsome dude here can't Get to the front row and Get any mandarin oranGes Y.Y
what a sad thinG Y.Y
since there are so crowded with desperate people ...
and we are tired and thristy ...
we walked to A&W for ROOT BEER~!!
it's been aGes i never drink A&W Root Beer ~!
Make it larGe and add some toppinGs ~!! ^.^ yummy ~!
on the other hand ~! we do celebrate a dude in our Group, HonGChia's Birthday ~!!
HAppy birthday ~!! ^.^
hope that we will have a Great time and Great moment this year !!!
it was so sad to know that this is the last ffew months we can hanG out toGether... Y.Y
i sure will do miss you Guys so much !!!
stop it !! don't start those saddeninG non-sense talk now !!save it for Graduation !!!
wish everyone happy hapy healthy healthy ~!!!


i don't wanna Graduate !!!
NO ! NO! NO!
i don't wanna Graduate and work Y.Y
plz !! Y.Y i don't want !!!

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