Sunday, February 14, 2010

Nian Chu Yi!

1st of all ~!!
this year is 2010 tiGer year !! ^.^
the 1st day of CNY is also Valentine's Day ~!!
wish all of the couple happy forever after ~!!!
GONG XI FA CAI and a super damn disGustinG fly kiss to all the readers ~!! ^.^
this is our "Bai Nian Tuan"..
another meaninG is anG pao cheatinG Group ~!
cause we Go to everyone house and cheat for anG pao...
we Get anG pao by sayinG "GonG Xi Fa Cai" or "XinG Nian Kuai Ri" and others nice to listen words ~!!
this year was quite a year because kinda lots of friends is back ~!!
wow ~! really have fun with you Guys ~!!
Bai Nian tuan schedule of 14 Feb 2010~
1st. Janet house
2nd. Melody house (every year Got KFC at her house one)
3rd. HuiJen house
4th. YihShin house
5th. GreG house.
6th. Jeanette house.(we stay there and Gamble like hell and Got KFC there too~!)

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