Thursday, February 18, 2010

Richard at KL

Since my brother is joininG the National Service...
he couldn't Go home to celebrate CNY..
so he just stays at my aunty house at PuchonG...
As i am back to KL...
drives for few hours to Get my bro and both of us hanG out for the whole day ~!!
hunGry and since he doesn't have chinese cuisine for so lonG already..
we both went to DraGon-i for food ~!!!
After that, we went shoppinG~!!!
bouGht some clothes, shorts and crocs~!!
we shopped around bintang walk...
HunGry aGain...have dinner at Jalan Alor~!!
wow~!! now i only know the food there ain't cheap !!
it's like double the price and tasted so so only ....
to kill time ...since our movie is at 11.30pm...
we stopped by to watch some street performance...
usually passed by and know that there was always a performance there but never just stop by and enjoy it..
but the performance for that day was borinG Y.Y
so we left after a while...
and here we Go~!!
for some SHEESHA and some smoothies~!!
wow~!! the Sheesha there tasted so Good and the drinks there too~
awhhh!! and we felt comfortable chillinG at there ~! :)
also ~!! hot chicks ~!! wow~!!!
1st picture with my brother!!!
wow!!! WTF!! he's way taller than me now!! Y.Y
we watched 14 Blades....and it was nice...
after was on the riGht timinG..
so we watched another movie aGain..."fa tin hei xi"...
awesome!!!! andthe next day~!!! huh!!!
3 hours drive to send him straiGht back to the camp..
luckily Albert was there accompany me ..or else Y.Y
i'll be so dead ~! :P
thx Albert ~! :)


wow!!! and that day i spend so much!!! yihhh....
i am damn brokeplus super broke already :'(


♥ Sнӧρӑђӧƪɨс Ῥὲὶρϧʏ ♥ said...

wahh u're tall enuf alr ur bro even taller so scary woh i'll like talkin wid a building instead of a guy, haha!

Shin said...

greg first time seeing u being short hahahah!