Friday, February 5, 2010


After we know our results...
YEAH~!!! CELEBRATE!! but actually it's not much to celebrate also Y.Y
so we went to ALAMANDA a shoppinG mall at PutraJaya..
and it was the 1st time i'm there..
see~!Got pond~
the interior~
the outside~
they wanna watch TOOTH FAIRY and since i watched...
i went for THE SPY NEXT DOOR!
wow !! it was a nice movie ~!
i like those kids ~!! they are so so so so effinG cute!
before that ...We Go for dinner..
and saw a Thai Restaurant...
WOW~!! RM19.90 and eat all you can !
some more the food at there was nice too !!!! awwhhh!!!
from 6pm to 10pm eat all you can!!!
we eat eat eat until very hard to breath~
After movie...
We Go for some GAMES!!!
since lonG time i never walk into this kinda shop already ~!
haha !! waw ! and we have damn lots of fun there ~~~ huh !!!
the dancinG racinG etc etc ~!!
wow !!!
make me recall of my childhood ~! :P
it was kinda fun day and even now i still feel kinda full !! Y.Y


this semester must work harder !!
don't hanG out too much !!
huh ~!! can it be ???
yo !!! yesterday ate so much !! today will exercise extremely !!!


Shin said...

unim result out jor meh!?

~G~ said...

haha !!! our lecturer let us see dulu ~! :P