Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nian Chu Shan ~!

3rd day of CNY!!!~
the GAMBLING business is GettinG worst !!!
now !! we use all our time to Gamble !!!
evern while eatinG !!! NO WASTING of TIME!!!
but i lose until wanna be thief and steal HonGGor wallet !! Y.Y
nolar !! we just sinG K because i damn broke dy T.T
cheh ..and i post this pic purposely because i looks a bit skinny in this pic ~!:P
enG tao boh ? :P wahahaha ~!
after VuiSenG's house..we headed to ALFRED house ~! ^.^
haha ~!! still this biG GROUP!!! :P
wow ~!!! i seriously love tiGer year because a lots of friend are back !!! ^.^
aih ..but too bad ..see my money losinG face ??? Y.Y
MONEY ar ..why you Guys so afraid of me ???
come to me bah Y.Y
see i so sad withou you Guys T.T
Gamble till late then just Go home ~! ...to be continued ...
I have a BABY dy !!!
BABY Adriel !!!
i felt sorry that i friGhtened him... Y.Y
i wanna play with him mana tahu can't tahan my disturbinG Gens....
i friGhtened him Y.Y sorry Adriel ..... i know you will have a niGht mare at niGht Y.Y
have a baby is fake ~!!
but see...
wow ~!! and my GIRLFRIENDS transformed into BEAR!!! Y.Y
awwhhh !!!
actually ..that niGht we are havinG potluck dinner at Aubo's house ~!
and i'm "playinG" with my new Tees ~! :P
see this cake ..if it's baked at 1st day of CNY which also Valentine's Day ..
then it would be so much more meaninGful ~! :P
but never mind ~! .
it was HuiJen, Marie, AiJinn 's birthday !! same as meaninGful and important !!!
so ~!! the Birthday Girls and all of US~!!
wow ~!! still that biG GEOUP~!! nice ~! ^.^
Best thinG of the niGht !!!!
shhhh ~!! don't tell the police ~!!
After this awesome fireworks !!!
we hanGout at the play Ground chasinG our childhood memories ~!!
oh ~!! seriously miss those days when we are so younG until we don't need to care or worried about anythinG !!! Y.Y
i miss my younG days T.T
ok...HOuse visited.
1st . FenG's house
2nd. VuiSenG's house
3rd. Alfred's house
4th. Aubo's house.


aih.....my CNY BAI NIAN almost done already T.T
cause i'm GoinG back at 17th Feb Y,Y yihh..
i miss my hometown !! i don't wanna leave Y.Y

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