Thursday, February 25, 2010

Site visits and Sports week !

25th of Feb 2010...
back to school...back to class ..switchinG back to on school mood ~!
and this is the day we havinG site visit....
all the way from Semenyih to Seremban...OMG!! and Go on further inside until i forGet what's the name of the place ~! Y.Y
and almost missed the basketball match of our uni Sports Carnival ~!huh !?
so..about the site visits....
pile....soil nail....CBP....tracks...blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....
i don't really remember what we visited that day ..
what i remember is few hours of continuous walkinG under the hot sun !!
and all of us sweatinG and felt like in the hell and worried about the match that niGht ~!
and ~!! wow ~! Get back in time for the match ~! :P
kinda fun playinG basketball....
it's been like 4 years ++ i never play in a real competition already ~!!
wow ~!! love the feelinG ~!!
and now i just found out how important is the supporters ~!!!
because ..two match without supporters Y.Y
we lose !!!! aih....
in the end ~! we Get the 2nd place in the Basketball Competition ~!
hrmmm ~!! not bad not bad ~!!
cominG soon is the Basketball LeaGue ~!! wow ~!!
i love basketball ~!!

my Lucky 1st score ~! :P

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