Monday, February 15, 2010

Nian Chu Er ~!

this is the 2nd day of CNY!!!
due to havinG too much fun yesterday !
morninG can't wake up Y.Y
i missed out lion dance aGain !!! Y.Y
so what is about durinG CNY???
meetinG up with "lonG lost" friend !!
which never on MSN!!
even on also say busy de friend !!!
GatherinG and foolinG around with FRIENDS!!!
sinG k ????
and most important !!!!
earninG money by winninG their money Y.Y
too bad i lose Y.Y
they called me Chai Shen Ye !!!
i always drink too much and Get a bit drunk dy then still playinG with my face GettinG red Y.Y
but ~! wow ~!! it's still fun to have old friends around ~!! wahahah !!!
and ~!! wow ~!! my 7 "wives" ~!!
call me "wai shiu bou"(a character in a chinese novel which have 7 wives) ~!!!
wow ~!!!may i introduce ~!!
left to riGht up to down ..
Jeanette.YihShin. Esther.
k..done with wives..
2nd day of CNY~!
1st. Michelle house(Got lion dance i missed it Y.Y)
2nd. HuiXin house(Gamble like nobody there because the owner's whole family like to Gamble)
3rd. Bartholomew house(dinner served, GAMBLE)
4th. BeeHua house (SinGinG and GAMBLE)


waw ~!!! GEttinG lesse and lesser house to visit already ~! Y.Y
because what ???
aih ..we are old already ..
don't have enouGh enerGy like when we are younG ~!
can bai nian till mid niGht then early in the morninG continue aGain and never felt tired ~! :P

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