Thursday, February 11, 2010


lonG time never update dy !!! Y.Y
so start from the day i Go back to my hometown lar ~!!
11 Feb 2010~
Since my fliGht and Kenneth fliGht is about the same time ...
we asked Albert to send us to air port ~!!
waw ~!! look at the ticket !! we are havinG the same seat 28B! ^.^
the stupid fliGht delayed for about 1 hour Y.Y
so we chill at starbucks ...
met Elton !!
wow !! my 1st meal at home !!!
so miss my parents cookinG ~!!
After dinner ....Yum cha then went fishinG with MICHEAL at Yatch Club ~!!
however rains suddenly and aih ...Y.Y
i still didn't Get any fish~
So we went to eat "chicken ass" ~!!
wow ~!!
and while yumcha !!!
we kepo and wanna Alfred to update us about his status ~!!
wew ~! we Grab his phone and steal his pic ~!!
and make it our own phone wallpaper ~!! ^.^
this is the 1st niGht and 1st day after i back to tawau ~!

lonG time never see my parents...
this time only my younGer sister and my parents left in the house...
my other sister is in INDIA and my brother is in National Service...

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