Saturday, February 20, 2010

Last Dinner~

It's Nian Chu Qi~
It's the 7th day of CNY~
It's the "human day" in Chinese Calander~
It's the day JANET Go back to UK~
It's the last dinner with JANET in this CNY~
so we Go for "rao shenG"...
before that ..G Drove to KLIA to fetch JANET and BARTHO because they came back from Tawau Y.Y
awhh..i miss Tawau so much ! home sweet home Y.Y
we hanG out at Bartho's place~!
and Get this weird pic there ~! :P
After dinner and everythinG...
sent JANET back to KLIA to catch the fliGht !!
Pity JANET..don't cry...
she's not feelinG well and ran into the toilet for several time already ~!
and since we will not meetinG each other for lonG lonG time ...
we chit-chat kinda alots until we miss a turn and nearly missed the fliGht ~! OMG!!!
luckily we manaGed to find our way back ~!
thx to VuiSenG~!! without you in the car...
i think i will Get kill by JANET because i'll sure can't Get the way back ~!
thx GOD~! thx VuiSEnG
OUR LAST DINNER~!with Janet...


and on the way back...we Get lost aGain ..due to too much talkinG..
and the very next day...
we have to drive HuiXin to the airport aGain T.T
this time...VuiSenG is drivinG..not me ~! ^.^
why ? you know why lar ~! haiyoooooo

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