Thursday, March 26, 2009

Proud to be MALAYSIAN~!!!

Today ~!!!
i'm PROUD to be MALAYSIAN~!!!
MALAYSIAN~Got Good quality in their soul~!!

the KTM ~~ delayed like ONE f**kinG hour~!!
MALAYSIAN still wait~!!
(should went Ganas and beat up the train! and whack the worker there ma ~! >.<>

then ~
today ~ i happily Go to MAXIS TOWER to collect my pay-check~!
it should ended up HAPPILY~!
but what the F**K that i Get is just...
spend my f**kinG days~
wastinG my F**kinG hours~
missed my lovely LATIN CLASS~
and yet haven't Get my paycheck ~!! >.<
i didn't F**kinG do anythinG because i'm MALAYSIAN~!!

because they f**kinG don't know how much they should F**kinG pay me~!!
y haven't set yet ???
kns ~~ early early say already RM 200 per day bah ~! F**K~!!
what the heck don't know ~!!! @.@
but haven't Get pay-check yet~
don't dare to do anythinG lar~
yea ~ same reason ~!!! i'm a F**kinG

so ~~!!!! T.T
we are
Kim, Chau, GreG : "where is my stupid pay-check!!!"
we waited for the 'pretty' lady to come distribute our pay-check
and she was late like one f**kinG hour~!!
some more still complain this and that and "diu" us noisy~!!

and this Guy that definetly not me ~!!!
EuGene:"where's my F**kinG pay-check ~~!!!???"
me and him havinG the same job~
so we both still haven't Get our pay-check ~!!


pig said...

they should change d slogan..
malaysia.. tak boleh la.. lol

Jeanette said...

swt...not malaysian got is just becuz they ady get used to this kind of situation!!! "NEVA BE PUNCTUAL"

~G~ said...

haha~~!!! no need change~~~ because is MALAYSIA BOLEH tahan ~~ wahkaka :P
tahan tunggu tahan lasak ~ tren kena tahan also tahan marah :P wahkaka :P

haha ~~~ got patience lar ~~~ haha ~~ if not how to get used with ? :P rit ?? :) wahahaha :P

chubikia said...

Never heard of "Malaysian Timing?" :P

~G~ said...

haha ~ got lar ~~ but that day too terrible lar ~ :P wahkaka :P cannot tahan :P

Baldwin said...


pig said...

especially those who come from sabah(sabar).. lol
we oweyz got black out a.. cut water those oso no complain d..
kl ppl not as tough as we do.. XD
no offense a!! dun punch/slap/kick/hit/beat/bite me a!!

~G~ said...

haha ~ dah sabar ~ kami kan malaysian ~ :P
wahkaka :P
piG ~ ! support you :P

pig said...

lol.. thx a lot..