Friday, March 6, 2009

3 hours T.T

That day~ we nearly havinG CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT ~~
for 4hours straiGht~~ T.T oh my God ~ @.@

it starts with a "gamble" between us, student and Mr.TanG~~
he asked us:"who think today will rain? raise up you hand~!"
i'm the 1st one and loudly say ~ 1730 will rain~!!!
with confident~~because it has been raininG at that particular hours for the pass few days ~!
and Guess what lar~~
it ended up doesn't rain at all the damn whole day ~
shit lar ~ stupid one ~

and this is what will happen if having the same class for 3 fuckinG hours ~~

1st hour~concentrating..


Ceci said...

ur lazy face damnnnn funny!!!!!~~

~G~ said...

haha ~~ is not lazy ~~ is sienz ~~ :P

chubikia said...

Don't slack man.

~G~ said...

haha ~~ tired bah ~ :P