Friday, March 20, 2009

First Blood T.T

ForGive me ~~ >.<
i was damn tired because ~~
i Go for Blood donation ~~!!!!
haha~~this is not the 1st time i Go for blood donation ~~:P
but it was the 1st 'bloody' post in this bloG :P

oh~ i'm so scare ~!!

i nearly forGet about that today is the last day for blood donation~

haha~ i only remembered after i eat 'pan mian' at broGa~ ^.^
so ~ when i remembered ~
eventually i become the last "lucky" person ~:P

nah ~~ see the video~~ #.#

hehe~it looks damn scary but ~
actually not pain one~~ :P
let's donate blood ~
one pack of blood can save 2? 3 ? 4 ? people ?
anythinG lar ~
i'm not superman???
yet still can be a HERO~!!?? perhaps ?
aiyo~can save people then it's ok already :P

nah ~ :P how do you feel after watchinG ?

Finally~this is what you Get after blood donation ~~

drinks, cert, 2 biscuit and a bread ~ :P
those thinGs didn't ended up in my stomach because ~
BPJen have 'robbed' my drinks ^.^ hahaha~~
and the food i left in NaiCin's car ~
so i only got the cert. which need to 'fills in the blank ':P

Opps ~~ today post haven't finish yet~~ :P
haha ~ i know it's kinda lonG @.@
haha ^.^

Then~~after blood donation~!
lepak lepak a while at S.A (student association)
"muk muk" lenG lui~~:P
and NaiCin called~!!!
"LET's Go SinG-K ~!!!",she said ~!
Finally ~!!
we Get to Go sinG-K together this semester~

also the 1st karaoke time with them this year~
(we used to Go sinG-k like one a week last time :P but this sem dunno why lar ~ i Guess everyone is too busy ^.^)

i love sinG-K~
we sinG from 1900 till 0145 ~:P
we are Sam, Juanda, GreG, Albert, Clara, NaiCin, Cindy~
and i lose my voice now T.T

we Get a RM70 discount because we have a RM50 voucher and 2 RM10 voucher
so happy ~~

felt kinda Guilty also T.T
because ~
the RM 50 voucher is void~ however~
we chanGed it on purpose in the thouGht of 'just Give it a try' :P
haha~ this can be considered as the 1st crime with them :P
ok~ i'll confess to GOD about this~ :P
hope that GOD will forGive me~>.<

see the date ~~
it was supposinGly be 15/02/09-15/03/09~!

so~ the same thinGs almost happenned aGain ~
SAM almost slipped ~!!
hey~!! SAM ~~ why don't you just slipped~
fall down and hit on the rubbish bin ~~???
wahkaka ~ i Guess it will a Great lauGh and indeed a 'Good' memory :P


wow~ havinG so much of fun today ~
only reached home at o2oo somethinG~

so tired ~~ T.T
donatinG blood is so fun~!!
does it ? :P


pig said...

2 long la.. lazy read o..
sofa.. lol XD

Ceci said...

wasaaii..can sing K for so many hours neh~~ fun~~~
N blood donation is so horrible la..
I've draw blood 9years ago,pengsan after tht=S
soooo,blood drawing is not tht fun la== lolzzz~~~

chubikia said...


~G~ said...

stupid DHS ~ :Pwahkaka :P

hehe ~~ yea lor ~ haha ~ geng ler ~ :P
haha ~ i sing until pening ~ T.T
wahkaka :P

kenneth ~ u got donate blood that day ? or the day b4 ? :P

pig said...

i like DHS.. sounds like DHL.. XD
u know wut my name at here??
by my m8s: chin "the people's elbow" XD

~G~ said...

??? the people's elbow ?

pig said...

yaya.. lol..

chubikia said...

They didn't allow me to donate, cos I had an immunization shot 2 weeks before.

~G~ said...

haha ~~~ dai shi ~ who ask you go shot :P hehe :P