Sunday, March 29, 2009

1st real fishinG~!!!

yo ~!
lately~ been addicted to fishinG~!!!
i can fish like every moment i have ~ :P
while walkinG~
while sittinG~
while shittinG~
while studyinG~
while sleepinG~
and even while dreaminG~
hehe ~~
and i can always Get a fish ~!!!
awesome yea ~!

yea~it's just easy~!!
usinG i
FishinG application~ >.<>fishinG~!

Since addicted ~!
and i have a fishinG freak coursemate~ KANE~!
haha ~ so we decided to have a fishinG trip~! :P
thanks GOD ~
for the Good weather ~~!
let's start to do some real fishinG~! :P
1st-prepare the bait ~ :P
it should be easy :P
however~ T.T
awwhhh~!! what a mess i made ~!

2nd-apply the bait on the hook~
3rd-aim somewhere else and throw it into the water~
shh~!!! be quite ~
fisher here ~ :P
fishy fishy ~ eat my bait ~ ^.^

4th-be patience and wait~
5th-hey!!! you just Get a FISH~!!!
6th-well done~! you earn a fish for lunch :P
i didn't even manaGe to Get a fish ~!
damn hunGry and cannot tahan T.T
so we decided to Go makan ~ :P
yea~!!i didn't Get any fish~!
i still Get to eat fish ~!!



since not syok didn't Get any
fish at that pond ~!
we Go to our university lake ~!!! @.@
what happened then??? :P
Guess by youself >.<>


pig said...

we knew u wont get any fish.. we juz expect u 2 come bak in 1 piece n u did.. good job.. lol
in d end.. kena halau by guard lao?? XD

~G~ said...

haha ~ nope ~ i Get something to fill my aquarium :P haha :P
shhh~~!!! don;t tell anyone :P

pig said...

wa.. geng.. u stole fish a.. reli din think of tat neh..
long time no ppl caught me in surprise le.. well done.. spend u yam cha when i go bak.. ^^

~G~ said...

i never say i steal fish ar ~ you assume one ar :P haha :P

pig said...

lol.. not bad.. still hv mood 2 joke at here..
since u'r in bad mood..
ok la.. i assume meself d la.. not u say d..
btw.. so wut do u hv in ur aquarium now?? can u tell d name of "ur" fish now?? hehe..

~G~ said...

haha~ what ? what fish ??? haha ~ :)

pig said...

pura-pura wa.. hiu..