Sunday, March 1, 2009


Dear Readers~~

here comes the announcement~~
this will be a very SAD announcement~~
the BLOGGER of 不负责任臭男人GReG的世界 say~
he's sick of maintaininG this bloG already~~
so he decided to close this bloG and never do bloGGinG anymore~~
thanks for all the supporting of bloG until so far~~
thankyou~~!! T.T

no lar~~
beat die me i also won't close this bloG~~
so many fun i Get in bloGGinG~~
i only wanted to take a few days off ~~!! ok Gua ??
i have to do my 8000 words DISSERTATION~~!!omG~! =.="
and my CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT group project~~!!
and also my CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT individual assignment~~!!
really need to out in all my heart on the DISSERTATION
because there will be a meetinG with the supervisor at 7th March 2009
and i haven't write out a sinGle words ~~ T.T

i'll be BACK asap ~~!!!
sorry for any difficulties caused yea ~ :P


really lazy to do dissertation lar ~~
but eat rice eat porridGe depends on it de lor ~~ T.T
aiks ~~ what can do ?? :'(


feierh said...

Gambadeh Greg!
I'm doing my assignments too
needa finish up 3 works by 7th March@.@

♥ Ƥ έ ι ρ ε Ƴ ♥ said...

wah wah wah~
may god bless you =D

pig said...

aiya.. me so hapi in d beginning..
but now.. so so la.. lol
kampate ya!! faz faz come bak.. XD

- Alfred - said...

hey mate... +u in ur asgn lar... don oways play play play lar... =)

Ceci said...

jiayou jiayouuu~~
thr's no atmosphere at all if u're stop

Anonymous said...


chubikia said...

All the best dude! I can help you proof read it if you want :)

~G~ said...

kenneth ~~ help me help me ~~ T.T
what is proof read ?