Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my new BABIES~!!!!

hey Guys ~~
today !!!
nothinG much ~!!!
only that ~!!!
i would like to SHOW OFF somethinG ~!!!
see ~!!!

what i have in my hand ~!!!
my new babies ~~!!!
an i-Phone 3G~~!!!
awesome huh ~~ :P
cool huh ~~ :)
envy ler~~!!
don't lar ~~
Go Get one lar ~~!!!
it's only RM2XXX for a 16GB i-Phone what~!!!
wahkakaka ^.^

see ~~ my babies ~~ :P
wahkaka ~ am i looks cool with it ??
i know i konw ~~ don't say YES so loud ~
pai sheh one ner T.T

nah~~don't say i'm not kind hor ~~
let you Guys have a closer view to my Babies ~~~ :P
nice ler ~~ >.<>

haha ~~ wahsheh ~~ need to be like that mer ~~
Got new i-Phone only mar ~
want the whole world to know mer ~!!!
haha ~~

NO lar ~~ that's not my i-Phone ~~
i wish i will Get one too ~~
but poor lar ~ no $money$ ~~
i dun even have RM200 ner ~ T.T
what a pity poor Guy~~

StartinG from this Friday~
i-Phone will be launch by MAXIS in Malaysia~
i'll be workinG as a i-Phone Promoter this weekend~
to earn money~~ >..<
cause i'm too poor lar T.T
and today ~~
i have the oportunity to Go for i-Phone trainninG~
and Get to "touch touch" an i-Phone~~ T.T
touch only ner T.T
(so pity ~ it's like mine but not mine T.T)

the traininG is at KLCC~~
haha ~~this is my 1st job at Malaysia :P
excited :P
sure camwhore lar ~ with the pass ^.^

This is a trainninG ~~
so sure Got test one lar ~~
SEE !!! how much i GEt in my test ??
see the comment Given also ar ~ :P

uinah ~~19/20
if i could Get this results in my University Exam ~~
it would be nice ~ T.T


Jeanette said...

senka la~! got iPhone show off liao la~! ish ish~! i'm goin to get one soon~! muahahaha~! b4 i go to Aus~!

Ceci said...

I tot is ur iphone waa~~
yuan lai~~~~not!!
feel like being fooled=S
owez make ppl misunderstood one==
hahaha..u tis!!

janetgan said... anyone knowing that im currently using iphone 3G? for, erm...5 months

bubiMbubaIhuhuLanjianTongsOfuN said...

wow. 19/20. did u cheat? LOL

~G~ said...

hey Jean~~and JANET~!!! u didn't finish read my post T.T
sad ner T.T

i where Got i-Phone ~~~
JANET ~!!you SHOW OFF ~~ wahkaka ~ :P

CECI~!!! you are the best ~~ hehe :P

haha ~~ i didn't cheat ~ :P
hehe~~ i damn concentrate one duh ~ :P
wahkaka :P

janetgan said...

i read finish liao la.. aiyo.. i jz want to show off i got Iphone.. and im not promoter! haha

pig said...

i din finish oso know u wont get an ifon la.. u so noob.. hahahahaha
19/20 a?? either cheat o exercise la.. lol
anyway.. kampate until u come here meet me.. hehe

~G~ said...

haha ~~~ JANET~~~ you memanG boleh ~ :Pwahkaka :P

stupid CHS~~!!!
Go die Go die ~~
wahkaka ~ :P

Baldwin said...

'muk' leng lui and get paid somemore??..*omg!!..haha

cya there at KLCC on saturday. since i cant see ur face.jst come approach me yea.. =)

~G~ said...

haha ~~~ that's life bah ~ :P wahkaka :P

maRCus said...

whoa.. cool man! but dude, i love your hair lar!! how to grow it like you ah? LOL

~G~ said...

hrmm ~!!! T.T
sadly ~
i kinda frustrated by my hair ~ :Phaha
people called it "bird nest" T.T

i just let it grow ~
it was curl since born T.T
no money to do rebondinG >.<
that's y :P haha :P