Friday, March 27, 2009


didn't my hair really looks like 'bird nest' ~ >.<
it's a trademark to point me out in crowd ~!!!!???
seriously ???!!!! @.@

NO MORE~!!!!
and not anymore ~ !!!
because ~~
i just had my hair cut today~!!!
see ~~!!!
so tidy and neat riGht ~ !!!

~but i don't know how lonG will it last lar~ :P
i still love my 'bird nest'~ :P

after hair cut ~
Go hike BROGA HILL aGain~!!
so excited ~
because before that ~
beinG ffk for a few times ~ T.T
for more about broGa hill~click here

yeah ~!!!
i seriously like the scenes there :P

this time ~ i Go with my class mates ~
all Guys rit ~ damn sad ~!
why don't have lenG lui one T.T

but ~ without lenGlui~ we moved damn fast ~
we reach the top of the hill in about 30 minutes :P

and this is my favourite shot of the day ~


pig said...

new look not bad..
but "bird nest" better la..
u hv an olympic stadium over ur head all d time oso not satisfy??
a lot of ppl wan oso dun hv a.. XD

~G~ said...

haha!!! stupid one~~~!!
got stadium damn heavy lar T.T

jen said...

this hair style quite nice wat

~G~ said...

haha ~~~ thank you bai pui JEN~!! :P