Monday, March 2, 2009

an action of LOVE~

sorry ~~ i cannot TAHAN dy ~~
so i bloG aGain today ~ >..<
sorry ar~~ can forGive me rit :P
haha ~ end talking rubbish ~ :)

So..Today ~
basically ~~
i "skipped" class aGain ~ T.T
actually~~ i never SKIPPED class ~~i only MISSED class~~
it's totally different u know !!???
skip class means Go to class but run away half way ~
missed class means didn't Go class at all~~
so i can PROUDLY say i never skipped class ~~!!!
AGREE ??? :P

anyhow~ i Got 乖乖 study at my house :P
because of the dissertation lar ~ kns one ~~ 8000 word wah ~ T.T

then the reason i Go school because can EAT free KFC~~ :P
it's not free lar actually ~~!
still remember the HULA-HULA NIGHT ? click here
that's the "rewards" for our helpfulness and integrity ~haha~ :P

DECO-ZapShaoMei TEAM~~
GreG, BPJen, Desmond
however less one person, YinJen T.T
why he din come for free KFC ?

After that ~ eatinG 3 pieces of chicken and some cheesy wedGes~~
and chit-chattinG, sampat-sampat, takinG photo~
i joined Joseph, Sam, Wendy, Juanda, NaiCin, Albert, Cindy, Milton them~
eheh~~dun misunderstood ~
i didn't eat aGain ar ~~!!!
you though i'm MONSTER mer ~~
i just wanna join the crowd~~
this is the 1st time at this semester ALL OF US hanG out aGain :P
cause everyone is too busy with everyone ~
however ~
i still doesn't forGet my DISSERATTION ~~ :'(

Sam~Steam bot~ journal~pen~
while everyone busy eatinG~
i'm readinG my journal T.T
hardworkinG ler ~

Still remember MILTON ?click here
he just did hair cut~i dunno what cut is that ~~ :P
he called it super nice LINE cut~ =.="
so i better named it super nice LOVE cut~
because it looks like 2 K at there :P

side of Milton with his LOVE cut ~ xP
see the K's ?

it's the name of his "imaGination" GirlFriend name :P
perhaps should say "绯闻女友"~~
sorry~~ i cannot tell the whole name because he will sure kill me ~~
however ~~ i can tell the 1st and last word ~
it starts with "K" and ends with "iKi"~~
nah ~~ i never say out the name ar ~
if you Guys know who is she is you Guys clever ar :P


opps ~~it's just too funny about milton hair cut ~
so i cannot "tahan" and bloG today~
bye bye ~ i'll be back after my DISSERTATION~
muacks ~ love you Guys ~ XOXOxoxo


pig said...

welcome bak.. lol
u'r so predictable.. XP

ЯάĉЋάξL Lιм said...


eat so much ah u!!!

welcome back!!!
know u cannot tahan one!

jen said...

u always missed clz 1 lah

~G~ said...

yer ~~ really mar ~~ haha ~ cause go things happenned today mar ~ :P
wahaha ~ :P
cannot tahan ~ :P

haha ~ BPJEN~~~ :P
wahkaka ~~
i didn't skip class enouGh Good dy lor ~ wahkaka ~ :P

3C said...