Saturday, March 14, 2009

ReverseD T.T风水轮流转

It was a 回忆过去story about Me and my Dear, ChuaVuiSenG~
focus on the pic yea~ :P

TonGLip, GreG, ChuaVuiSenG Alfred, Alex, Micheal~

iGnore others ~ TonGLip, Alfred, Alex, Micheal ~
cause they are not important in this post ~~ wahkaka ~~
sorry dude :P
talk about you Guys next time yea xD
hehe~~ ok~
just focus on GreG and ChuaVuiSenG~~

ChuaVuiSeng, AuBoChok, GreG

another picture for clearer view~~ ^.^
iGnore AuBoChok ar ~~ :P
focus on ChuaVuiSenG and GreG aGain~

Here Goes the story~
this is ChuaVuiSenG~~
my chubby friend that i know since 12 years old..~
we banG into each others at SRJK(C) Yuk Chin~
i Grab his hand and almost break his arm ~
that's how we met ~ :p
not important ~~
how come this Guy in the picture below....


Become like this ~~~ 0.O
wahsheh ~~see the picture ~ :P

18sx ChuaVuiSenG (dec 2008)

And GreG~~become like this ~~ ??? =.='''

GreG(oct 2007) >.<


chubikia said...

Exercise laaaaaaaaa. You see Vui Seng's now the object of many girl's fantasies. He doesn't even need to post a "Girlfriend Wanted" notice :P

♥ Ƥ έ ι ρ ε Ƴ ♥ said...

so biantai de post again =P
aiyo last time u we saw u thin alr wor!!!!
now putting on weight ha?!?!?!
na na na dai si eat so much xD =p

- Alfred - said...

haiyo, so aonao oh... no matter how i eat, still that FIT oh.... sien dao bao!! hahahah =)

~G~ said...

kenneth ~~ damn envy lor ~~ aiks ~~ T.T
i used to be liddat one ~~ T.T

where got bian tai ~si pui yee !!@~last time is when ???a-level ?? 14 feb 2006??

haha ~~ stupid ~~ alfred ~ we exchange lar ~~~ ! >.<

Forsakengel said...

weh. really time for u to do something abt it. maybe u eat too much then sleep too much.

That's why you must not control your eating habit and also not miss class on purpose. Why? Coz when you go for class, you need to wake up (thus sleep less), then u need to walk from tts to uni (climb stairs thus burn more fats). Also study more. When you get frustrated from not able to understand or unable to solve the given question, it might help u get thin as well. Wtf.


cii said...
eat vege instead of rice la..
if eat vege cant get full..
can add salmon fish too..
low calorie~

~G~ said...

yih ~ pat ~ i sleep early wake up early oledi recently ~~ T.T
dun have exercise khaki lar ~~ T.T
i wanna do sports ~ T.T
haha ~~ :p

ceci ~~~
add salmon fish ar ~~ wahsheh ~~
no money ~~ T.T
i think i shud spend my money buy some cool gadget instead of food ~~ then starve for few months to get slim ~~ wahkaka ~ :P

Alex Chin said... funny..but y??? y ignore me in tat pic?!!!!

~G~ said...

cause you still kurus lambai !!! no meat at all !~~ wahkaka ~ :P and alfred aubo and tong lip too ~~
kns ~~ you guys not normal one ~~ never get fat ~~ T.T