Thursday, December 24, 2009

Movie Wednesday !

it was Wednesday !
Since for student...we can watch movie with very cheap price and tired of studyinG..
we decided to watch movie !
We have our lunch at McD!!!
wow ! that day was Jusco members day...
Jusco Cheras Selatan was freakinG crowded !
we can't Get any seats....
and forced to take away and makan outside KFC..
after makan....
we shop for a while...
waw ! i saw a nice shirt ! but it only avaiable in XL saiz ~! haiz.....Y.Y
so sad lar wei !!
then finally ...BodyGuards and Assassins !!!
it was freakinG nice movie !! wahahah ~!
unexpected scene ~!! and actors !!! wahahah ~!!!
anyway ! the movie damn nice ! must Go watch ~! wahahah ~!


wow ~!
saw BPJen fb pic !!!
wtf!! the cookinG is so alike with my dad cookinG !!!
Y.Y aih....
i so miss home suddenly !!! aih...

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