Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's MONDAY!!!

it's almost the end of the semester...
the class almost end...
and still..
durinG Construction ManaGement 3 class...
then...i found a pen..i found a marker!!!
and all of sudden....my shoe~! ^.^
muahahhaha ~! nice make up ! SHOE!!!
it's torn out and i'm GoinG to Get another pair soon ~! T.T
Good bye shoes~!
Slept.wake up.Basketball...
Gone out.Snake say:"Meteor!!!!!"
see the thinGy in the red circle!???
is it meteor..!!!???i wonder if we can saw it durinG the day~!!???
if yes ~! wow ~! i saw METEOR!! a BIG HUGE ONE!!!
nah ~! should be a jet or aeroplane lar !!! T.T
aih ! i wish it was Meteor! Gahhh!!!!
after basketball !
check at the mail box !!!
wow !!!
POSTCARD!!! from FeiErh !!! THX THX THX!!!
no wonder i can't call you that feew weeks !!!
you flew all the way to UK~???? WTF!!!!seriously???
Thankyou very very much FeiErh and Merry x-mas too !!!
tell me where on earth are you now ok ~! ? :P


opps ~! it's almost another year!!!
waw !!!! MERRY X-mas and HAPPY new year !!!
so now! not only Denyse ! Teresa is also come for a visits!!!
Hurray !!!!


feierh said...

Glad that you've received it!
I'm back in KL @_@

~G~ said...

hahahha ~! bleuk ~! :P
X-mas apa bikin ? ~! :P