Friday, December 18, 2009

random GreG random day!

Since this post is full with picture ~!
so just let the picture do the talkinG ~! ^.^
morninG~! wake up.. ALBERT called..
Go for the lonG time no see PAN MEE at BroGa ~!!
i wonder what if JOSEPH was here..he sure will finish all the "fried thinGy"..
hehe..i'm sure he missed this a lots ~!!
so i am GoinG to post this pic on his FB wall ~! ^.^
After lunch ....felt like washinG and polish my wife by my ownself ~!
went to TESCO with YC and Get these stuff ~! T.T
wanna Get a X-mas tree but then i just found out i damn broke dy Y.Y
done washinG!!! applied wax!!!
ahhh~!! my pretty wife !! i have to repolish aGain tomorrow @.@
tired wei !!!
no wonder they charGed RM80 for polishinG!
damn dulan !
then GO for steam bot!!!
Olivia, Jimmy, ShenGwei, YC ajak me for movie !
Guess what ? STORM RIDER!!! i do mentioned before at my other post..yea...AGAIN!!!
Since we buy the ticket online and it only shows at 1230am..
so we foolinG around takinG photo~!
take one ! POSER !
take 2 ! HUGE X-mas TREE!
take 3 ! saw lenG cai !
take 5! immitation ! (failure T.T)
take 6 ! YC and GreG! MONSTER!!!
but still Got like 45 minutes to waste !
so we decided to Go for BEER~!! and chillinG~!!!
take 7 ! TiGer beer advertisement !
take 8 ! I LOVE TIGER BEER! i love this photo so much ~! FB profile pic dy ~! ^.^
erm.... T.T MAD drunkard !! @.@
ended up i kept on burpinG while watchinG the movie aGain !
GOOD niGht!


pig said...

syok la u haiz

Shin said...

Wah ask u drink with me no time la~~! =((

~G~ said...

hahahaha ~!!!!
syok lah ~! tidak lah ! i didn't Get to have sheesha ~!! >.<
haha ~! u always at the wronG timinG bah !!! i rushinG assiGnment that time ~! :P

pig said...

im not tokin bout d sheesha u dick head im tokin bout all d food n activities uve been 2

Shin said...

-.- Sem 2 start @ dont care ar leave 1 day for me k? =P

yihshin said...

hi gregory

conan_cat said...

lol, it's a malaysian weather rule that it MUST RAIN after you washed your car :P oh well!

and i went to pavilion just now too, and it was raining xD had the korean food at the foodcourt, quite yummy! :D

~G~ said...

hahaha.. itu memanG curse ! kns betul !!! aih >.<