Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Mines!

Since i wanted Sheesha for so many days already...
and i was so lazy to study ...
screw it ! called ALBERT and ! let's Go The Mines!!!
30 minutes of drivinG ..we reached there...
FINALLY!!! SheeSha that i lonGinG for~!!!
and they have so many favour ~!!
i chose 2 apples...and Albert chose cappucino..
"Riverside"~! my new hanG out place ~! ^.^
hurray ~! love sheesha!!!!
plus a hot lemonade~! ^.^
ah ~! life is Good ! life is so so so Good~!
Albert ~! with his chop~! :)
GreG~! :P
awhhh ~! i just love that place ~!
beside the river. nice breeze. nice liGhtinG.nice view ~!
wow ~! thx Albert for introducinG me a new hanG out place ~!! yeaahhoooo`! ^.^
then we felt like wanted to watch movie ~!
wow ~! the decoration inside are so cute ^.^
huh ~! we made it !!! Get the last showinG of the day !
Guess what we watch ?!! AVATAR!!!
it was so nice !!!
i wish that i were stayinG at Pandora ~!!
love it so much !!
and unexpected !!! wow ~! i met my primary school friend~! :)
so unexpected ~! hehe ~!
and more unexpected ~! Guess what ?
in the cinema he just sittinG in front of me ~! wow ~!


Shin said...

Greg ow much is the sheesha?

~G~ said...

10? i dunno i didn't pay ~! :P

feierh said...

wow that's yuen gid man!
he sat in front of you in the cinema? Didnt he block your sight?! HAHAHA

Shin said...

oh ..okok

pig said...

uiui mega-saur-ass u say no ppl will fight wif me 4 d sofa n look where am i now u liar LOOOOOOOOOOL

~G~ said...

wahahah ~! PPIG~!! this thinG i cannot control one ~! wahahha ~! bleuk ~! :P
...he's not excatly infront of me ~! wahhkakaka ~! so it's fine ~!
wahahha ~!
i saw him from far you know ~!! wahhahahaha ~!