Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It was 22nd of DEC 2009~!
in Chinese calendar~it was a celebration for winter!
FAmilies members usually havinG reunion~
but since we didn't Go back ~!
we decided to make "tanG yuan" some round thinGy with flour~
so let's the pic do the talkinG ~! ^.^
flour added with water ! a biG ball!!
the tanG yuan we made ~!
Aaron was so serious !
the brown tonG yuan is the accidental creation as we fail to wrap the chocolate inside T.T
cook! with the Brown suGar syrup ~!
ah ~ done !
Notice~! we do wrap somethinG inside ~! ^.^
the isolated one ~! ^.^
and the biGGEST one .. Guess what inside??
haha ~! is a candy with the wrappinG ~!
i put it in the biGGest one and see who's the Greedy unlucky Guy who Got it ~!
wahaha ~! mana tahu the candy didn't Melt T.T
after tanG yuan ~! we have what ??
may be of the brown suGar ~! all of us Get a bit HIGH dy `!
so we pour the chocolate syrups and ribena on the vanila flavour ice-cream ~! ^.^
and this is the end of the product !
and it taste freakinG nice ~!!! wow ~! love it so much!!!
may be too much suGar and we become insane alread y~! T.T
added nescafe as toppinG!
yucks ! this one taste bad T.T
Since too hyper and to Get rid of the suGar! we decided to Go for niGht SWIM!!!
wow ~!!! SwimminG naked aGain ~! no ppl ~! wahahah ~! it was so fun !!
wanna take the "dive into the pool" action picture usinG the timer !
1st trial T.T
2nd trial ! still fail T.T